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Notebook containing miscellaneous notes and exercises, Oct 1806-Apr 1809, n.d.

Mainly written in the hand of Talbot's mother Lady Elisabeth Feilding and contains notes and exercises on a range of subjects including history, linguistics, mathematics and science. Includes an index to the contents, written in a later hand, at the end of the notebook.
Shelfmark: MS. WHF Talbot 7
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: Oct 1806-Apr 1809, n.d.

Notebook containing exercises and notes on Greek, [c.1818]

Started from each end, with two sections in the middle spaced by numerous blank pages. The notebook is undated but on paper watermarked 1818.
Shelfmark: MS. WHF Talbot 8
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: [c.1818]

Notebook containing notes on the history of Lacock Abbey, 6 Sep 1827-4 Jun 1830

Labellled 'Lacock 6th September 1827'. Mainly blank.
Shelfmark: MS. WHF Talbot 9
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: 6 Sep 1827-4 Jun 1830

Notebook labelled 'R', 1838

Notebook labelled 'R' containing philological notes.
Shelfmark: MS. WHF Talbot 10
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: 1838

Notebook labelled 'Supplement to Copies', 1845

Contains a list of words headed 'Remarks on these words will be found at ye following pages' on the first two pages and some miscellaneous notes on the final page of the notebook. Mainly blank.
Shelfmark: MS. WHF Talbot 11
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: 1845

Notebook containing an alphabetical index of words with classification system, n.d.

Compiled using pre-printed alphabetical tabs. Includes some loose papers inserted into the volume prior to the 'T' tab.
Shelfmark: MS. WHF Talbot 12
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: n.d.