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Collections by bp. John Bale, Written by John Bale about A.D. 1540-1550

Collections by bp. John Bale (d. 1563) relating to the Carmelite order, see nos. MS. Bodl. 73, no. 27636 (which is now lost), MS. Selden Supra 72: Fol. 18. 'Oracio fratris Martini persone Ytali Carmelite in laudem sue religionis habita apud Agrigentum in Cecilia in capitulo prouinciali'. Fols. 23, 39. Speeches, verses, letters, etc., of Baptista Mantuanus (d. 1516), with (fols. 59, 63) epitaphs and verses on him, all in Latin. At fols. 36v, 38, 38v are short poems of…
Shelfmark: MS. Selden Supra 41
Extents: 402 Leaves
Dates: Written by John Bale about A.D. 1540-1550