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Private devotions, Written in the 15th century in Holland

Private devotions, in Dutch, comprising: Fol. 1. 'Hier begint een suuerlike oefeninghe als men totten heiligen sacrament wil gaen', beg. 'Dv bjste een ootulytende guethes' Fol. 7. prayers, meditations, and short services, beg. 'mi al entuarwet', and includes 'die xxx misereren oratie' (fol. 58v), the Te Deum of the Virgin Mary (fol. 79v), a prayer of st. Augustine (fol. 117), and prayers…
Collection: Marshall Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Marshall 110
Extents: 257 Leaves
Dates: Written in the 15th century in Holland