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Transcripts of old gild plays or Mysteries, and papers about them, from British Museum MSS., written in about A.D. 1800

Comprises: 1 (pp. 1, 121). Seven Chester plays, preceded by a proclamation of 1532 and 'Banes 'of 1600. The plays are: the Water leaders' (Noah, p. 10) the Cappers' (Balaam, p. 33) the Painters' (the Shepherds, p. 121) the Websters' (Last Day, p. 143) the Drapers' (the Creation, p. 167) the Goldsmiths'…
Collection: Malone Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Malone 4
Extents: 222 pages
Dates: written in about A.D. 1800