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Rupertus Tuitiensis, etc., 12th century, third quarter

Fols. 1v-123v. Rupert of Deutz, De diuinis officiis (VII.13-XII.24) Fols. 124r-129v. Rubric: (fol. 123v) Ex opusculis sancti Ambrosii episcopi Fols. 129v-145r. ⟨Hugh of St-Victor⟩, ⟨De archa Noe morali⟩ (extract, II.17-III.14) Fol. 145r-173v. ⟨Florus of Lyon⟩, ⟨De expositione missae⟩ Fol. 174r-175v. Letter on the First Crusade by Dagobert of Pisa…
Collection: Laudian Collection
Shelfmark: MS. Laud Misc. 211
Extents: 176 Leaves
Dates: 12th century, third quarter