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Comm. in Cantica Canticorum, 12th century, end

1. (fol. 1) Table of sermons for item 3 2. (fol. 2v) Three hymns to the Virgin: Incipit: Ave Maria gratia plena | Dominus tecum, virgo serena AH liv.337 Incipit: Ave mundi spes Maria | Ave mitis, ave pia AH xxxii.38 Incipit: Salve mater Salvatoris, vas electum vas honoris AH liv.383; Walther 1945 Hec commenta Thomas Salomonis scripsit in odas…
Collection: Laudian Collection
Shelfmark: MS. Laud Misc. 150
Extents: 188 Leaves
Dates: 12th century, end