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Miscellaneous collations and notes, Written in about 1780-1805

Includes: (fol. 30). Collations of Ex. iv. 4-end in no. 25. (fol. 64). Collations of Ex.-Lev. vi. 27 in no. 10. (fol. 107). Collations of 2 Kings xxiv fin.-Job v in a Munich MS. (?). (fol. 111). Collations of Psal. i-xxxix. 10 in no. 181. (fol. 116). Collations of the greater part of Jeremiah in an Armenian version (by Hermannus…
Collection: Holmes Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Holmes 150
Extents: 176 Leaves
Dates: Written in about 1780-1805