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An imperfect Roman martyrology, Written in the 14th century

An imperfect Roman martyrology, apparently based on Usuardus's work: extending from Mar. 17 to Dec. 23 only. Some of the British saints are peculiar, such as Aldebertus martyr on May 18, Wenburga on Sept. 21. The first entry will serve as a specimen: 'Sextodecimo Kalendas Aprilis [calendarial notes] In Scocia sancti Patricii episcopi & confessoris, qui primus ibidem Christum evangelizavit ... Item in Britannia sancte Wythburge uirginis. Et aliorum.'.
Collection: Gough Collection
Shelfmark: MS. Gough Liturg. 4
Extents: 60 Leaves
Dates: Written in the 14th century