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'Album Amicorum Emanuelis de Meteren ['Demetrius'] Mercatoris Antuerpiani. anno m . d . lxxv', begun in the year when the Spaniards carried off his former Album from Antwerp, written in 1575-1609

There are many signatures and poems, and some engravings and coloured pictures, the names being indexed at fol. 118c: the chief ones are (an asterisk implying that there is more than a mere signature and motto or engraving): (fol. 103) Baudius, Dominicus, 1604 (fol. 60) *Camden, Will., 1584 (fol. 46) Clusius, Carolus, 1579 (fol. 40) Croy, Carolus,…
Collection: Douce Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Douce 68
Extents: 120 Leaves
Dates: written in 1575-1609