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The Romance of Reynard the Fox and Isengrin, in French, written in A.D. 1339

Containing 17 branches of the romance: the first beg. 'Perrot qui son enging essart': the last ends 'Et autres de goute des dens. Explicit': a colophon begins 'Lan mil. ccc. & trente nuef | Fu ce liure acompli tout nuef | Descripture ...'. The authors of separate branches mentioned are 'Perrot' or 'Perres de S. Clost' (fols. 1, 152v), and Richard de Lison (fol. 66v).
Collection: Douce Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Douce 360
Extents: 159 leaves, in double columns
Dates: written in A.D. 1339