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Statutes of Edw. I and II, with a few of Hen. III, and some general legal treatises, written in about A.D. 1300 in England

'Hic incipiunt Statuta videlicet Jura regni Anglie certissima a regibus & communi consilio eiusdem regni pro populi eiusdem regni vtilitate pace & tranquillitate prouisa', beginning with an Edwardine confirmation of Magna Charta. A full list is on fols. 17-24. Fols. 1-16 are occupied by a calendar and tables, and excerpts from the Gospels, etc. On fol. 220 are four Latin riddles: the first beg. 'Edificor saxis'. At fol. 7v some statistics of English parishes,…
Collection: Douce Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Douce 35
Extents: 224 Leaves
Dates: written in about A.D. 1300 in England