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A fragment of a rhyming English chronicle of the Kings of England, in 7-line stanzas rhyming ababbcc, written in the 16th cent.

Beg. 'My trihumphes also written with lettres of golde | Abowte my towre standyng at Belyngesgate': it extends from Belin to Stephen, ending 'With Mawde themperesse to clayme her right | Whom Clare erle of Glocetor with his myght.' Each king speaks in his own person: at fol. 10 the author breaks off into an apostrophe of four stanzas to Edward VI, inveighing against foreigners in England. A note suggests that the poem is based on John Hardyng's Chronicle. An old pagination shows that theā€¦
Collection: Douce Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Douce 341
Extents: 21 Leaves
Dates: written in the 16th cent.