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A translation or rather paraphrase of the Memorabilia of Valerius Maximus, with additions and notes, written in the 15th cent.

Distinguished by the heading 'translateur', as opposed to the paraphrase which is headed 'Atteur', i.e. auteur. The following colophons explain the work, which was begun 'en honneur et reuerence de' Henry V of France (fol. 1v, see miniature on fol. 1):--at end of bk. vii, ch. 4 (fol. 124), 'Jusques yci dure la translacion ... faite par maistre Symon de Hesdin ... Et commence la translacion de maistre Nicole de Gonnesse qui ce present liure paracheva ...': at end of bk. ix (fol. 262v) 'Par…
Collection: Douce Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Douce 203
Extents: 265 leaves, in double columns
Dates: written in the 15th cent.