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Wildman - Zamoyski, 1786-1802, early 19th century, n.d.

Includes (fols. 1-39) letters to and from Henry, James and Thomas Wildman, 1786-1802 Also includes (fols. 69-99) receipts for and lists of objets d'art, including: (fols. 69-71) priced lists of lacquer or 'Japan' items bought at the sale of the Duc de Bouillon, 1801 - printed, with reproductions of fols. 69v and 70r, in F.J.B. Watson; 'Beckford, Mme de Pompadour, the Duc de Bouillon and the tasteā€¦
Shelfmark: MS. Beckford c. 37
Extents: 111 Leaves
Dates: 1786-1802, early 19th century, n.d.