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Contains 8 Results:


'Breckland Heaths', 1951

Observations, maps and charts, bird counts for bird population related to afforestation and tree height. Work for 'Old brecks or new forests?', Bird Notes, 24, pp.215-216, and 'Further changes in bird-life caused by afforestation' (with Elizabeth Lack), Journal of Animal Ecology, 20, pp.173-179.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/369
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1951

'Birds in the Bible', 1952-1953

Correspondence with Professor G.L. Driver (Magdalen College, Oxford) and comments by Reg Moreau on Driver's paper.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/371
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1952-1953

Data and field observations on nightjars, 1952-1957

Work for 'Notes on nesting nightjars', British Birds, 50, pp.273-277.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/373
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1952-1957

Call notes; 'Fluctuations in the heron population', 1952-1954

Comprises: Call notes: data, correspondence (Work for 'Call-notes, Erithacus and convergence', Ibis, 96, pp.312-314) 'Fluctuations in the heron population': data, draft with corrections, comments on the paper by S.A.C. sent by W.B. Alexander (identity of S.A.C. unknown), correspondence (several letters include comments on the manuscript) (Work for 'The Stability of…
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/374
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1952-1954

'The significance of egg colour in chats and thrushes', 1956-1958

Data, tables, 2 drafts, correspondence (with comments on the manuscripts). Work for 'The significance of colour of turdine eggs', Ibis, 100, pp.146-166.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/375
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1956-1958

'Egg colour-Cott' and 'Egg colour-all other birds', 1957

Correspondence and data.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/376
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1957