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Contains 6 Results:


'The proportion of egg yolk in the eggs of waterfowl', Wildfowl , 19, pp.67-69, 1967-1968

Notes and tables on egg weights and yolk/white ratios, correspondence and information.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/355
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1967-1968

'Anatidae Eggs', 1967

Notes, tables, calculations on egg weights and yolk/white ratios, correspondence.
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/356
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1967

'Part 1. Principles of classification pps.1-28' and '13. Where species meet: choice of mate pps.29-54', 1967-1970

Drafts with corrections by Lack and comments in two other hands (unidentified).
Shelfmark: MS. 14992/358
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1967-1970