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Contains 2 Results:


Dunn School: Notebook 19, Jan 2003-Jul 2004

Restarts the numbering of experiments at number 1: Experiment 2 (with Jane Sharps): MS/MS trypsin peptide evidence of identity of HSP90 and HSP70 eluted from gels in TAP purified flu polymerase. Experiment 13 and others suggests possibility of initiation of primer independent transcription at residue 2 starting with pppG. Many experiments failed to show the presence of…
Shelfmark: MS. 12364/22
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: Jan 2003-Jul 2004

Dunn School: Notebook 20, Jul 2004-May 2006

Notebook covers experiments including: Brownlee continued with large scale (experiment 78 onwards) in vitro primer-independent transcription experiments using cRNP preparations from Tao Deng (DPhil student) and Jane Sharps. Brownlee worked up the reaction before running PAGE gels, and subsequently eluted bands from these gels. Products were further analysed by T1 RNase or pancreatic RNase digestion and…
Shelfmark: MS. 12364/23
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: Jul 2004-May 2006