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Notebooks of prof. Rigaud: Similar astronomical collections, Written in 1806-1839, chiefly by S. P. Rigaud

Notebooks of, and chiefly written by, prof. S. P. Rigaud on scientific and literary subjects, especially Astronomy, Mathematics, and Natural Science, usually consisting of stitched sections, each dated and signed and containing varying numbers of leaves: every volume has a (later) list of contents. Prof. Rigaud was fond of noting down criticisms as he read through a book, and everything he did was distinguished by neatness and precision. The chief contents are as follows, theā€¦
Collection: Savile Collection
Found in: Papers of Rigaud
Shelfmark: MS. Rigaud 48
Extents: 468 Leaves
Dates: Written in 1806-1839, chiefly by S. P. Rigaud