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Correspondents filed under T, U, V, W, Y and Z, 1970-1993

Subjects include: family study of ankylosing spondylitis; HLA Class I antigen and haplotype frequencies in New Zealand Maoris and Europeans. Correspondents: Folder 1: Jan J. Van Rood, UKTTRG Labs, Professor K. Tsuji, Dr. Alan Ting ( =Res.) Folder 2: Dr. Andreas Ziegler, Jacqueline Zemmour, E. J. Yunis, J Worthington, John C. Woodrow, Dr. L. R. Weitkamp, William F. Wakeling, Dr.…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 2007 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1970-1993