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'Q', 1984-2002

Comprises: correspondence with Captain B.M. Quinlan WRAC, of the Directorate of Public Relations (Army) regarding statements about the British Army in The Changing Anatomy of Britain (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1982), May 1984, typescript letter from Jonathan Hill of Quiller Consultants objecting to Sampson's description of their client, Mr. Wafic Said, as…
Shelfmark: MS. Sampson dep. 34
Extents: 3 Leaves
Dates: 1984-2002

'R', 1956-2002

Includes: correspondence with Robin Renwick, British Ambassador to South Africa, concerning the political situation in South Africa, contacts with the ANC, …
Shelfmark: MS. Sampson dep. 35
Extents: 62 Leaves
Dates: 1956-2002

'S', 1959-2001

Includes: three letters from Christopher Soames, [British Ambassador to France], thanking Sampson for sending him a copy of The New Europeans and apparently referring to the application by the UK to join the European…
Shelfmark: MS. Sampson dep. 36
Extents: 118 Leaves
Dates: 1959-2001

'T', 1958-2004

Includes: letter from James Thurber, [writer and cartoonist], enclosing a copy of his letter of introduction for Sampson to William Shawn, editor of The New Yorker, 25 Aug. 1958, typescript correspondence with Rev. Timothy…
Shelfmark: MS. Sampson dep. 37
Extents: 138 Leaves
Dates: 1958-2004