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MS. Addison dep. c. 16, 1907-1916

Files relating to 'Various Pre-war controversies', 1907-1916, (fols. 1-152) 'Free Trade and other topics', miscellaneous papers, 1907-1916, on free trade, tariff reform, army expenditure, German and French protectionism, sweated labour, and home rule; (fols. 153-288), 'House of Lords/Welsh Disestablishment', (fols. 153-199) printed papers discussing the controversy over the House of Lords and Constitutional Crisis, 1910-1911, (fols. 200-255) 'Welsh Church Disestablishment: the record of the…
Shelfmark: MS. Addison dep. c. 16
Extents: 297 Leaves
Dates: 1907-1916