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Letters from Lady Byron to the Noel family, 1814-1860

Including letters to: (fols. 1-29) Edward Henry Noel, 1839, 1814 (fols. 33-96) Fanny Smith, later Mrs Edward Noel, c.1832-1838, n.d. (sent to Mary, countess of Lovelace by Alice Macdonald, née Noel, in 1922) (fols. 97-98) her great-aunt Mary Noel, n.d. [written when Lady Byron was a child] (fols. 99-211) Louisa, wife of Robert R. Noel, 1851, c.1854-1860,…
Shelfmark: Dep. Lovelace Byron 103
Extents: 214 Leaves
Dates: 1814-1860