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Official interleaved copy of the 1620 catalogue (printed), 1620

Interleaved for the insertion of accessions received since the publication of the 1635 supplement. Incldues a) accessions, 1635-1652 entered by Rouse [John Rouse (Rous, Russe) (1574–1652), Bodley's Librarian 1620-1652]; b) additional accessions entered by Barlow [Thomas Barlow (1608/9–1691), bishop of Lincoln, Bodley's Librarian 1652-1660); c) entries transcribed frm the 1635 supplement by Hyde [Hyde, Thomas (1636–1703), oriental scholar, Bodley's Librarian 1665-1701]
Shelfmark: Library Records d. 600
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1620