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Poems, c.1950-1986

The poems are mostly holograph but some of them were written out by his wife, Maud. Comprises: 'Absence', manuscript, in Maud's hand 'After a Wedding Reception', manuscript 'Captivity', manuscript, in Maud's hand 'Cross-Examination', carbon copy of manuscript 'La Dame A Licorne', manuscript, in Maud's hand 'Darling',…
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1111
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: c.1950-1986

Poems, 1951

Manila folder entitled, 'Selected Poems (1951)', with a later annotation, 'I can't remember on what principle (if any) I selected these'. Contains the following typescript poems: 'The Visitor' 'Song of Anger' 'Gender' 'Medusa' 'The Silent Piano (for E.B.)' 'Love' 'Sonnet' …
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1112
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1951

Poems, manuscript and typescript, 1952-1982

Kept in an envelope, 'After 1960 (Addl.)'. Comprises the following poems: 'Absence', typescript, dated 1982 'Can light be golden?', carbon copy of a typescript 'Change and motion', carbon copy of a typescript 'Come out of everything', manuscript 'Communication by telephone', manuscript and carbon copy of a typescript …
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1113
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1952-1982

Poems, and translations of poetry, 1952-1984

Manila folder entitled, 'After 1960 and Translations etc', containing translations of poetry from French, German, Italian and Latin, and the following original poems: 'Beatitudes', typescript, initialled and dated, 1952 'Can Light Be Golden?', manuscript, Autumn 1976 'Change and Motion', typescript, 1977 'The Clock', manuscript …
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1114
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 1952-1984

'The Unicorn', long narrative poem, typescript, [1950s]

Address stamped on the title page, '28 Menelik Rd, N.W. 2'. Contains a manuscript review of the poem by Ruth Pitter.
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1115
Extents: 35 Leaves
Dates: [1950s]