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'Orpheus', [?1930s]-1975

Formerly in a brown envelope entitled, 'Orpheus / + Introductions', containing: (fols. 1-81) 'Orpheus', [?1930s], annotated typescript, pages numbered 1-76, typed address on title page, 'Owen Barfield / Polvean / Belmont Road / Uckfield / Sussex', subsequently changed several times (fols. 82-85) printed programme for its production in 1948, with blurb by C.S. Lewis …
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1099
Extents: 109 Leaves
Dates: [?1930s]-1975

Foreword to 'Orpheus', 1975-1982

Manila folder entitled, 'Orpheus / (per Ulreich) / + some correspondence', containing: (fols. 2-7) Owen Barfield, 'Foreword', carbon copy of typescript, Feb. 1982 (fols. 8-9) 'Guide to Pronunciation' of the Greek names, carbon copy of typescript (fols. 10-11) photocopies of title page of play and of p. 41 (fols. 12-68) John C. Ulreich, 'Introduction',…
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1100
Extents: 138 Leaves
Dates: 1975-1982

'The Quest of Sangreal', typescript copy, n.d.

Formerly in a white envelope entitled, 'Quest of Sangreal', comprising: (fol. i) typescript signed letter from Barfield, assigning copyright of the work to the London School of Eurythmy, 6 July 1968 (fols. 1-16) 'The Quest of the Sangreal / Adapted from / Thomas Malory's Morte D'Arthur / by / Owen Barfield', partial typescript
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1101
Extents: 17 Leaves
Dates: n.d.

'The Tower', long narrative poem, dated in pencil, '1919-25 (approx.)', c.1919-1925

Typescript, with manuscript corrections. Pages numbered 1-57. Address given on the title page as '19, Wildwood Road / N.W. 11'. This address was crossed out and changed to, '16 Buckland Crescent, N.W. 3'.
Shelfmark: Dep. c. 1102
Extents: 57 Leaves
Dates: c.1919-1925