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Copies of papers, 1793

(pp. 1-15) letter from Capt. Edward Cooke in Toulon to his father-in-law General Edward Smith, 1793 (pp. 16-92) account by Colonel de St. Angely of his mission to the Vendée, 1793. See Dep. Bland Burges 57 for another copy of this account
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 68
Extents: 92 Leaves
Dates: 1793

Copies of papers, 1793, n.d.

Includes (pp. 1-35) an account in French of the king of Poland, n.d. (pp. 36-64) journal, by M. de la Roberie, of events in the Vendée, 1793
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 70
Extents: 90 pages
Dates: 1793, n.d.

Copies of papers, 1794, n.d.

(pp. 1-4) letter from Lord Malmesbury, envoy in Berlin, 1794 (pp. 5-15) account of the isle of Noirmoutier, n.d. (pp. 17-34) account of the Danish court, n.d. (fols. 35-90) are blank
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 71
Extents: 90 pages
Dates: 1794, n.d.