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Copies of papers, 1782-1791

(pp. 1-23) memorandum by Lord Hawkesbury on the Spanish alliance, 1791 (pp. 25-33) account by F.J. Jackson of the state of parties in the court of Berlin, 1791 (pp. 35-39) letters from Charles James Fox to Count Lusi, Prussian minister in London, 1782 (pp. 41-42) abstract of the treaty of Pilnitz, 1791 (fols. 43-90) are blank …
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 61
Extents: 90 pages
Dates: 1782-1791

Copies of papers, 1788-1791

Includes (pp. 1-18) letters from Robert Adair in St. Petersburg, 1791 (pp. 31-49) secret articles annexed to the treaty of alliance between England and Prussia, 1788 (fols. 50-81) are blank
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 62
Extents: 81 pages
Dates: 1788-1791

Copies of papers, 1789

(fols. 2-4) letter from William Gardiner in Paris to the Duke of Dorset, 1789 (fols. 4v-12, 16-29) duplicate copies of documents described elsewhere (fol. 14v) letter about the debts of the Prince of Wales, 1789 (fols. 30-46) are blank
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 63
Extents: 46 Leaves
Dates: 1789