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Copies of papers, 1762-1792

Includes (pp. 1-43) report by William Lindsay, resident at Venice, on the Black Sea, 1791 (pp. 45-59) observations by Joseph Ewart on Anglo-Russian relations, 1791 pp. 61-72) account of the revolt in Russia on 12 July 1762, by Robert Keith (pp. 73-75) extract from letter of the Baron de Nagell, 1792, comparing the state of France in 1788 with that of…
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 58
Extents: 90 pages
Dates: 1762-1792

Copies of papers, 1775-1790

(pp. 1-10) character of the Prince Royal of Prussia, by Sir James Harris, 1775 (pp. 11-14) character of the Grand Duke of Russia, by Charles Whitworth, envoy to Russia, 1789 (pp. 15-21) character of the Prince of Wales, by Count Bruhl, 1789 (pp. 22-25) Gustavus III's justification of his conduct, 1790 (pp. 26-36) letter from Alleyne Fitzherbert in…
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 59
Extents: 90 pages
Dates: 1775-1790

Copies of papers, 1777-1795

(pp. 2-33) account of Louis XVI's escape from Paris, 1791 (pp. 35-7) letter from Lord Stormont, ambassador in Paris, to Lord Weymouth, 1777 (pp. 39-49) letter from J. Whittaker to Mr. Chalmers of the Council for Trade, 1792 (pp. 51-7) letters from Lord Grenville to the Prince of Wales, 1795 (fols. 58-92) are blank
Shelfmark: Dep. Bland Burges 60
Extents: 92 pages
Dates: 1777-1795