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Letters, various dates (few only), 1989

Includes a letter 1989 from Peierls in reply to a Russian enquiry, giving information on Genia's family and their subsequent fate, and his own meeting with her.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/10/A.114
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1989

Letters from Peierls to Genia, 24 Sep 1930-15 Feb 1931

At the time of their meeting at Odessa, Peierls spoke no Russian and Genia no German. Their shared language was English, which Peierls says 'Genia could speak reasonably but not fluently', and this continued to be the medium of their correspondence. Peierls however started taking Russian lessons 'since the language intrigued me' (Bird of Passage, p. 67), and it is remarkable to observe in the correspondence his use of Russian grow from brief phrases of endearment…
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/10/A.115
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 24 Sep 1930-15 Feb 1931

Letters from Peierls to Genia, 29 Apr-9 Aug 1931

27 numbered letters and 2 cards, sent after their marriage, while she was waiting for official notification of her change of citizenship. Written in Russian.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/10/A.116
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 29 Apr-9 Aug 1931