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Family letters and cards, 1936

Includes plans for a visit to Peierls and his family in Cambridge, and several letters in English from Else. Also Christmas letter from Annie (née Peierls) and Herman Krebs from New York where they settled.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/9/A.107
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1936

Family letters and cards, 1938

In this year conditions in Germany had become so difficult that Heinrich Peierls decided he must leave. His health was indifferent and he was temperamentally reluctant to make a final break; money and visa problems were compounded by the delay. Correspondence includes letters from Peierls to his father, to his American uncle and aunt (Siegfried and Jenny) and to UK authorities to try to make arrangements; there is also a larger proportion of correspondence from Else.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/9/A.109
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1938

Family letters and cards, 1939

From 1 September letters are headed from Folkestone. It is not clear exactly when the Peierls left Germany. (War was declared on 3 September).
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/9/A.110
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1939

Family letters and cards, Mar-Dec 1940

Heinrich and Else were now in America. Their letters are in English. Also included are letters from other members of the family and news of their whereabouts.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/9/A.111
Extents: 1 file
Dates: Mar-Dec 1940

Family letters and cards, Jan-Jul 1941

Includes letters from other members of the family, on personal and business matters. See also MS. 11619/13/A.133. There are no letters later than 1941, perhaps because Peierls himself was in America in the latter part of the Second World War. Heinrich Peierls died in 1945.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/9/A.112
Extents: 1 file
Dates: Jan-Jul 1941