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16mm film: 'The Revolution That Never Was', 1979

Cuzco peasants in Peru are fighting to take back the land that was taken from them by imperialists in the 1975 revolution. The peasants have been suffering from poor working conditions, exploitation, and hunger, and now they want justice.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/65
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: 1979

16mm film: 'A Spreading Fire', n.d. [late 1970s]

A film about Bolivia's exploited sugar cane workers and their struggle to form a union to fight back against their poor working conditions.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/67
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: n.d. [late 1970s]