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16mm film: 'Harijan', 1970

This film shows aspects of a project initiated after the Bihar famine by Oxfam in association with local Biharis, and the struggle to find and conserve precious water in India's poorest state. It looks at drought, famine, water, well digging, dam building, agriculture, and Oxfam's Gramdan Action Program. Produced by Viewpoint Productions for Oxfam.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/39
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: 1970

16mm film: 'Healthy Business', 1981

A film about health care and the distribution of pharmaceuticals in the Philippines, where some doctors are increasing their income with drug sales that are unnecessary and overpriced.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/72
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: 1981