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16mm film: 'The Unforgotten', n.d. [early 1960s]

An account of relief operations in the Congo, showing what the United Nations and other agencies were able to do. Shown on BBC television. Produced by Stephen Peet for the U.N.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/31
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: n.d. [early 1960s]

16mm film: 'Who Cares? The Story of an Indian Girl', 1975

Rathna is a nineteen year old Indian girl who, because of illness, is faced with life as a social outcast. She is introduced to a Gandhian-run project which enables her to find a real purpose in life by learning from the ways in which severely physically handicapped children overcome their disadvantages. Set in Hosahalli village, India. Produced by Anthony Mayer for Oxfam.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/55
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: 1975