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Contains 3 Results:


16mm film: 'Tungabhadra', n.d. [c.1955]

A film about the drought in southern India. The people are building the Tungabhadra Dam to increase their water supply from the Tungabhadra River.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/1
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: n.d. [c.1955]

16mm film: 'A Thousand a Day', 1979

A film about Vietnamese 'boat people'.
Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/74
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: 1979

16mm film: 'Two Worlds', n.d.

Shelfmark: MS. Oxfam COM/5/4/86
Extents: 1 reel
Dates: n.d.