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Letter to The Times on a 'Gullibility Act', Dec 1982

Details of publication not found.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1122
Extents: 1 leaf
Dates: Dec 1982

'The Bird Population of Great Britain', British Birds , Vol.81, No.12, Dec 1988: drafts and correspondence, 1988-1989

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; copy of covering letter; offprint; and brief correspondence arising.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1141
Extents: 15 leaves + 1 item
Dates: 1988-1989

'Unnatural Ecology', review article published in Town Planning Review , 1981: draft, 1980

The article reviewed The Restoration of Land: The Ecology and Reclamation of Derelict and Degraded Land, by A.D. Bradshaw and M.J. Chadwick, Oxford 1980. Manuscript draft; typescript version; brief correspondence with Town Planning Review.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1118
Extents: 6 Leaves
Dates: 1980

'Conservation's New Strategy - The British Part', The Guardian , 1981

Published 5 Mar 1981, typescript and manuscript draft; final version with letter; photocopy of the printed article.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1119
Extents: 9 Leaves
Dates: 1981

Letter to The Times on reforming the Civil Service, 1981

Published 14 Apr 1981, typescript draft with manuscript revisions; cutting of the printed letter; correspondence arising; manuscript notes found with this material.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1120
Extents: 8 Leaves
Dates: 1981

Letter to The Times in response to an article on Ernest Bevin, 1982

Details of publication not found. Manuscript draft; typescript version, dated Dec 1982; letter of acknowledgement.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1123
Extents: 3 Leaves
Dates: 1982

'Towards World Family Housekeeping', Journal of the Policy Studies Institute, Vol.4, Part 4, Apr 1984: drafts and related correspondence, 1984

Letters to Nicholson commenting on his draft; manuscript notes; incomplete typescript draft with manuscript revisions; photocopy of published article.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1124
Extents: 30 Leaves
Dates: 1984

'How Really to Save the Countryside', article submitted to Country Life , Sep 1984, 1984

The Editor suggested revisions before considering publication; the outcome is unknown. Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; with brief correspondence.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1126
Extents: 5 Leaves
Dates: 1984

Review of The Macmillan Guide to Britain's Nature Reserves , by J. Hywel-Davies and V. Thom, London, 1984

The review was published in Oryx, typescript; also, brief related correspondence.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1127
Extents: 3 Leaves
Dates: 1984

'Living Proof: conservation in action', unpublished book, with J. Elkington: Notes on possible content, synopses, early drafts of parts of the text, 1983-1984

The outline of the book was offered to, and rejected by, at least two publishers. Nicholson and Elkington appear to have abandoned the project sometime in 1984.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1128
Extents: 33 Leaves
Dates: 1983-1984

'Ways to Sustainable Development', CEED Bulletin , 1985

Typescript draft; photocopy of published version.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1130
Extents: 5 Leaves
Dates: 1985

Letter to The Times on a controversy concerning Government intervention over a BBC programme, 1985

Published 9 Aug 1985: typescript and a cutting of the printed version.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1131
Extents: 2 Leaves
Dates: 1985

'Care of the English Landscape - The Current Crisis', 1985

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1132
Extents: 4 Leaves
Dates: 1985

'The Homosphere and the Biosphere. The limits and opportunities for mankind on a small planet', Oct 1986

Manuscript synopsis with later inscribed note on first page, 'Project for a book to follow the Environmental Age (The New Environmental Age, published 1987), dated 4 Oct 1986; continuation of synopsis, first page headed 'The Global Theatre'.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1133
Extents: 19 Leaves
Dates: Oct 1986

'Birds and Landscape', published in Oct 1987 issue, 1987-1988

Notes, mostly typescript; various typescript drafts, some incomplete, with manuscript revisions; brief related correspondence; published article from offprint.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1134
Extents: 16 Leaves
Dates: 1987-1988

'Greening the City', published in Nov 1987 issue, 1987

Two typescript drafts with manuscript revisions, manuscript notes attached and related typescript papers; letter to Editor; published article from offprint; brief correspondence arising.
Shelfmark: MS. 15041/1135
Extents: 26 Leaves
Dates: 1987