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Contains 6 Results:


Reports and committee papers, 1909-1933

Comprises (fols. 1-15) North British Railway Company dispute arbitration papers, 1909 (fols. 16-19) Report on the work of the restriction of enemy's supplies committee and the war trade advisory committee, 1919 (fols. 20-4) List of proposed business for the Privy Council, c.1924 (fols. 25-32) Final report of the committee investigating the employment of…
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7358/1
Extents: 59 Leaves
Dates: 1909-1933

Official circulars and publications, 1911-1939

Comprises (fols. 1-3) Cabinet memorandum re Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Estimates, 30 May 1911 (fols. 4-51) Official report of Parliamentary debates, Vol.156. No.99, 1922 (fol. 52) Notice of meeting of the Privy Council, c.1936 (fols. 53-7) House of Lords evacuation information and tags, c.1939
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7358/2
Extents: 57 Leaves
Dates: 1911-1939

Miscellaneous Admiralty papers, 1912-1916

Comprises (fols. 1-2) Circular concerning the proposed new German Navy Law, 1912 (fols. 3-6) Cabinet memo re Amendment to the laws concerning the German fleet, Feb. 1912 (fols. 7-23) Admiralty minutes and memoranda re "Lusitania", subsidy and replacement,10 May 1915 (fols. 24-9) First proof supplement to The London Gazette…
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7358/3
Extents: 43 Leaves
Dates: 1912-1916

Correspondence and papers relating to Hopwood's peace mission to Scandinavia, 1917

In 1917, Sir Francis Hopwood was sent on a secret mission to Scandinavia to investigate rumoured Austrian peace proposals. Comprises (fols. 1-2) Menu from Hotel d'Angleterre, Copenhagen (fols. 3-4) Couriers passport (fol. 5) Note from Professor Gunna Holmgren (fol. 6) Letter from M. Wrangel, Swedish Minister in London (fols. 7-14) Report…
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7358/4
Extents: 19 Leaves
Dates: 1917

Papers concerning the granting of civil Orders of the British Empire, 1917-1919, n.d.

Draft proposals and circulars and correspondence re allocating and distributing civil O.B.Es.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7358/5
Extents: 28 Leaves
Dates: 1917-1919, n.d.

Correspondence and papers relating to a shell-shock enquiry, 1918-1922

Comprises (fol. 1) Note on shell-shock, 1918 (fol. 2) Letter from William Peel, later 1st Earl Peel, inviting Hopwood to become chairman of shell-shock committee, 1920 (fols. 3-11) Memorandum on shell-shock, with covering letter,…
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7358/6
Extents: 44 Leaves
Dates: 1918-1922