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Fair copy of extracts from the diary of Lucy Grant (later Feilding, d. 1875; mother of Rowland Feilding), 1850-1860

With some letters, cuttings and drawings, including extracts concerning (fols. 11-21) the Crimean War, with copies of letters from and about her brother Frank (d. 1854) (fols. 41-73 passim, 98 (v) Sir James Brooke and Sarawak, 1857-1858 (fols. 73-97) a visit to the Lake District, 1858, including (fol. 84) a photograph (fols. 121-148) 'Appendixes' to theā€¦
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5771
Extents: 159 Leaves
Dates: 1850-1860