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Box 606691504



Contains 8 Results:


Computer printout data from the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington re CN Se three-dimensional Fourier analysis, Feb.-Mar. 1953

Untitled folder divided into five for ease of reference.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/1-5
Extents: 5 folders
Dates: Feb.-Mar. 1953

'B12-Se CN (dry). Parameters', June 1953, Aug. 1954

Manuscript data and hand-drawn graphs by J.H. Robertson; manuscript notes by Hodgkin.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/6
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: June 1953, Aug. 1954

Manuscript notes and data re recrystallisation of vitamin B12 and B12 degradation products, n.d., 1953-1956

Manuscript notes from the literature; manuscript notes and data re penicillin, miroestrol, aureomycin, phalloidine. A few pages dated Oct. 1953-Mar. 1956.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/7
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: n.d., 1953-1956

'B12-Se CN. Results of 3-dim[ensional] F[ourier] calculation', n.d., 1953

Manuscript data and sketches by J.H. Robertson. One page dated Nov.-Dec. 1953. Folder divided into two for ease of reference.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/8-9
Extents: 2 folders
Dates: n.d., 1953

Manuscript notes and data, mostly by J. Pickworth, n.d., 1954-1955

Loose papers found with the preceding re 'reinvestigation of intensities', 'oscillation photo measurements', 'electron distributions', 'revised co-ordinates for 26atoms', '1st Fourier, B12 Fragment. Inner Ring', 'B12 Fragment. Additional atomic intensities', B12 Fragment'. A few items dated July 1954-Feb. 1955.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/10-14
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: n.d., 1954-1955

'B12. Red Fragment', n.d., 1954

Manuscript notes and data, by J.H. Robertson; x-ray film. One page dated Apr. 1954.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/15
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: n.d., 1954

">Manuscript notes, data and draft, various hands, n.d., 1954-1957

Including 4pp. typescript re 'Intensity measurements', Selecting atomic positions'. Several items dated Aug. 1954-Aug. 1957. Folder divided into three for ease of reference.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/16-18
Extents: 3 folders
Dates: n.d., 1954-1957

'Vitamin B12 Fragment. Atomic Parameters', n.d., 1954

Manuscript data, by J. Pickworth, re 'cobalt atom parameters', 'hol Patterson proj[ection]', 'structure from Fourier 1'; hand-drawn figures. One page dated 23 Sept. 1954.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 5613/19
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: n.d., 1954