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Main myoglobin programme: orthorhombic sperm whale, 1952-1955

Folder C.170. Notes and diagrams by Kendrew on "packing" and crystal lattices of Types A and B orthorhombic sperm whale, some dated March 1953. Folder C.171. "Sperm orthorhombic met-imidazole". Notes, graphs, density sheets, contour maps, a, b, c projections, some by Kendrew, some by R.G. Parrish, related to joint paper in Nature, 175, 1955. Folder C.172. "Sperm orthorhombic 'end-on' Fouriers". Work by Parrish and…
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 2400
Extents: 5 folders
Dates: 1952-1955