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Edward Lowe's 'New Consort Books'


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Edward Lowe's 'New Consort Books', in which new music by English and German composers and by J.B. Lully was copied by himself and others during the last quarter of the 17th cent. Indexed by Lowe. MS. Mus. Sch. f. 570, the Tenor book, was added to the set for four-part music, but was not indexed. The parts are: (i) First Treble; (ii) Second Treble; (iii) Base; (iv) Through Base; and (v) Tenor Violin. The names of 'Andrea Kneller Org: Lübecensis'; and 'Johan Kneller', inscribed in the front of (iv) may be autographs. On the same page, Lowe inscribed the date 25 May 1680.

On the 1682 list of the Music School Collection as '4', corrected to '5 Books' to include MS. Mus. Sch. f. 570.

1-15: Music copied by Lowe:

1. John Blow. 'Goe perjur'd man' [Go perjured man]. String parts and through bass, i-iii, p. 1; iv, p. 16.

2-6: Three-part airs:

2. Mr. Poole. Suites of airs in D major, A major, D major, G minor, B flat major and D minor, numbered 1-16 [PW302-317 - see VdGS index]. Through bass only for nos. 5-16. i-iii, pp. 4-7; iv, pp. 1-11.

3. Mr. William Hall. 8 airs in G minor and B flat major. Through bass only. iv, pp. 12-15.

4. 7 Italian airs. i, pp. 24-27; ii, pp. 26-29; iii, pp. 22-25; iv, pp. 17-19.

5. Dr. Christopher Gibbons. Suites of airs in G minor, D minor and D major, numbered 1-19 [VdGS 42, 33, 26]. i, ii, pp. 40-49; iii, pp. 38-45; iv, pp. 31-38.

6. James Hinton. 8 airs in B flat major. i, pp. 49-53; ii, pp. 50-54; iii, pp. 46-49; iv, pp. 39-42.

7. [Jean] Baptist [Lully]. 12 four-part airs [from the opera Isis, LWV 54/1, 4, 54]. i, pp. 54-59; ii, pp. 56-61; iii, pp. 50-55; iv, pp. 43-48; v, pp. 2-7.

8. 'Mr. [Robert] King of St. Martins, near Charing Cross'. 10 three-part airs in G minor. i, pp. 60-64, 66-67; ii, pp. 62-66; iii, pp. 56-59; iv, pp. 49-52.

9. Mr. King. 'Sonetta after the Italian way for 2 violins and a through base'. i, pp. 66-67; ii, 68-69; iv, p. 53.

10. [J.G. Keller]. 'Mr. Kellers Ayres' for various instruments (probably copied from the autograph parts, MS. Mus. Sch. c. 44, fols. 72-77). i, pp. 65-64, 68-79; ii, pp. 70-81; iii, pp. 60-67; iv, pp. 54-58.

11. [Richard] Goodson [I]. Four-part airs. i, pp. 80-83; ii, pp. 82-85; iii, pp. 68-70; iv, pp. 59-60; v, pp. 8-10.

12. [Richard Goodson I]. Goodson's 'last 5' in G major; the Almain added in the hand which wrote nos. 16-23. i, pp. 86-89; ii, pp. 88-91; iii, pp. 72-75; iv, pp. 63-65; v, pp. 12-15.

13. [J.B. Lully]. 'Ballet de Proserpine' [LWV 58]. Excerpts. i, pp. 92-105; ii, pp. 44-103; iii, pp. 78-91; iv, pp. 67-78; v, pp. 16-28.

14-15: Airs for four parts:

14. [Richard Goodson I]. 'A suite of Mr Goodsons, composed for the Musick in the Theatre, 8th July 1681' [Oxford Act music]. i, pp. 106-108; ii, pp. 105-107; iii, pp. 92-93; iv, pp. 79-80.

15. Mr. [J.J.] Mitternacht. Suites of Airs in D minor, B flat major, G minor and E minor. i, pp. 116-122, 110-114; ii, pp. 114-120, 108-112; iii, pp. 98-104, 94-97; iv, pp. 81-93.

16-23: Music copied by Richard Goodson (I) assisted by a third hand in nos. 19-20, and a fourth in no. 21:

16-18: Four-part airs from works by [Jean] Baptist Lully:

16. Le Triomphe de l'Amour (1681) [LWV 59]. i, pp. 123-136; ii, pp. 121-134; iii, pp. 105-118; iv, pp. 94-107; v, pp. 29-42.

17. Cadmus et Hermione (1673) [LWV 49]. i, pp. 137a-141; ii, pp. 135-141; iii, pp. 119-125; iv, pp. 108-114; v, pp. 43-49.

18. Phaeton (1683) [LWV 61], listed in the order of the Bass books: i, pp. 142-143, 152-157, 144-151; ii, pp. 142-145, 154-157, 146-153, no part for 5 airs in F major; iii, pp. 128-141; iv, pp. 115-130; vi, pp. 50-53, 62-65, 54-61.

19. Henry Hall. Chacone in B flat major for treble, tenor and through bass; with treble and bass parts in a third hand. i, pp. 160-161, corrected by the second hand; iv, pp. 131-132; v, pp. 66-67.

20. [Henry Hall]. 5 further airs belonging to 19, treble and through bass only. Copied by the third hand. i, pp. 162-163; iv, pp. 133-134.

21. Dr. John Blow. Chacone in G major, lacking through bass, tenor and bass parts in a fourth hand. Published, Schott, ed. H.W. Shaw (1958). i, pp. 164-167; ii, pp. 160-163; iii, pp. 142-145; v, pp. 68-71.

22. [J.B. Lully]. Four-part airs from Acis et Galatée (1686) [LWV 73]. i, pp. 168-177; ii, pp. 164-173; iii, pp. 146-155; iv, pp. 139-147; v, pp. 72-81.

23. [L. Grabu]. 'Mr. Grabus Ground' in G minor, and another ground in F major. iv, p. 50.

24. Through bass of a suite in E minor, copied by Lowe and the second hand. iv, p. 199.

25. [F. Withy]. Ground, in G minor [VdGS 2]. Bass line only. ii, p. 206.

26. [Carissimi]. 'Tenor to the chorus in [Carissimi's] Judicium Salamonis' [O populi venite], copied by R. Goodson I. v, pp. 92-93.


  • Creation: late 17th cent.


0.33 Linear metres (3 boxes)

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  • English

Preferred Citation

Oxford, Bodleian Libraries [followed by shelfmark, e.g. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 443, pp. 1-2].

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MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 443-446, f. 570 (Former reference: Lowe's no. 25; Music School A. 3. 13-16 and Music School A. 3. 2)

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CMD ID 17541


Edward Lowe's 'New Consort Books', late 17th cent.

Biographical / Historical

Edward Lowe (c 1610-1682) was a composer, music copyist, organist and writer on music. See Grove Music Online for further details.

Other Finding Aids

Robert Hake, [Catalogue of the Music School Collection], c 1850-1855. Nos. CXL and CXLV.

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. V, nos. 26582-26585 (i-iv) and 26592 (v).

RISM 800272581

Custodial History

This item is part of the Music School collection of printed and manuscript music, which was originally bequeathed to the University of Oxford by William Heather (c 1563-1627), and gradually added to until the end of the 18th century. The present manuscript was acquired in 1677: ii and iii were 'Bought, and bound for the Musick Schoole 9th May 1677' and iv was 'Made, and bound by Mr. Short, 28 Feb. 1676/7 pre: 6s. 6d.'.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The collection was transferred to the Bodleian in 1885.


i-iii and v - oblong quarto; iv - large oblong quarto

Edward Lowe's 'New Consort Books'
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