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Fantasies for strings in 3, 4, 5 and 6 parts

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MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 437-442 (Former reference: Music School A. 3. 7-12)

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Music for viola da gamba consorts, with some music for violin, viola da gamba and organ at the end. Six instrumental part-books, i-vi. Each volume was indexed by the first copyist, who also named the parts which they contained on the covers. F. Withy wrote on the covers of v and vi 'Mr. Gio Coperario his two Parts for 4 Treble And Base to The Organ'. He also made corrections (e.g. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 437, fols. 33 and 42), completed Ferrabosco's four-part fantasia Meyer 11 (no. 40 below), added a four-part fantasia by John Jenkins, and began to copy a set of 14 two-part fantasias by Coperario, probably from MS. Mus. Sch. c. 101. On fol. 13 of MS. Mus. Sch. e. 439 is pencilled 'Willawes', conceivably by Lawes himself. All parts were marked 'ex[amined]'.

The parts were named by the first copyist as follows: MS. Mus. Sch. e. 437, 'Treble' (i); MS. Mus. Sch. e. 438, 'Contratenor' (ii); MS. Mus. Sch. e. 439, '1 Base' (iii); MS. Mus. Sch. e. 440, '2 Base' (iv); MS. Mus. Sch. e. 441, 'Treble. The fift booke' (v); MS. Mus. Sch. e. 442 'Tenor. The sixt booke' (vi). Divergence from this system is noted below.

1-20: MUSIC FOR THREE PARTS in books i, ii (treble or tenor) and iii (tenor in nos. 8-10), numbered 1-20:

1-16: T. Lupo. 16 fantasias. 1-4 and 7 are for Treble, Tenor and Bass; 5-6 and 11-16 are for 2 Trebles and Bass; 8-10 are for 2 Trebles and Tenor. All published in TL. Nos. 1 and 2 [VdGS 14 and 2] also published in Nagels Musik-Archiv 563; nos. 5-6, 11-15 [VdGS 9, 7, 20, 16-19] also published in Nagels Musik-Archiv 565; all edited by Giesbert.

1. B flat major [VdGS 14]. Also published, Hortus Musicus 64, ed. Bacher. i, iii, fol. 3; iii, fol. 4.

2. G minor [VdGS 2]. i, ii, fols. 3v-4; iii, fols. 4v-5.

3. G minor [VdGS 3]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 11-12). i,ii, fols. 4v-5; iii, fols. 5v-6.

4. D minor [VdGS 10]. Also published in Hortus Musicus 64, ed. Bacher. i, ii, fols. 5v-6; iii, fols. 6v-7.

5. D minor [VdGS 9]. i, ii, fols. 6v-7; iii, fols. 7v-8.

6. D minor [VdGS 7]. i, ii, fols. 7v-8; iii, fols. 8v-9.

7. D minor [VdGS 22]. i, ii, fols. 8v-9; iii, fols. 9v-10.

8. G minor [VdGS 8]. Also published in Meyer, English Chamber Music, p. 144. i, ii, fols. 9v-10; iii, fols. 10v-11.

9. G major [VdGS 5]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 13-14). i, ii, fols. 10v-11; iii, fols. 11v-12

10. G major [VdGS 6]. i, ii, fols. 11v-12; iii, fols. 12v-13.

11. D major [VdGS 20]. Also published, Schott, ed. R. Donington. i, ii, fols. 12v-13; iii, fols. 13v-14.

12. D major [VdGS 16]. i. ii, fols. 13v-14; iii, fols. 14v-15.

13. D major [VdGS 17]. i, ii, fols. 14v-15, iii, fols. 15v-16.

14. D major [VdGS 18]. i, ii, fols. 15v-16; iii, fols. 16v-17.

15. D major [VdGS 19]. i, ii, fols. 16v-17; iii, fols. 17v-18.

16. C minor [VdGS 21]. i, ii, fols. 17v-18; iii, fols. 18v-19.

17-20: J. Jenkins. 4 fantasias for 2 Trebles and Bass without organ. All published in MB 70:

17. C minor [VdGS 13; Meyer 1]. Also published in Hortus Musicus 149, ed. N. Dolmetsch (1957). i, ii, fols. 18v-19; iii, fols. 19v-20.

18. C minor [VdGS 14; Meyer 2]. i, ii, fols. 19v-20; iii, fols. 20v-21.

19. D minor [VdGS 4; Meyer 3]. Also published in John Jenkins: Fancies and Ayres, ed. H.J. Sleeper, Wellesley Edition No. 1 (1950). i, ii, fols. 20v-21; iii, fols. 21v-22.

20. D minor [VdGS 5; Meyer 4]. Also published in Hortus Musicus 149. i, ii, fols. 21v-22; iii, fols. 22v-23.

21-46: MUSIC FOR FOUR PARTS in i, ii, (treble or tenor), iii and iv (tenor), numbered 1-26.

21-40: A. Ferrabosco II. 20 fantasias for treble, two tenors and bass, except 38 (18), which has a second treble part in ii. All published in MB 62:

21 (1). G minor [VdGS 1]. Also published in English Consort Series, ed. R. Nicholson. i, ii, fols. 23v-24; iii, fols. 24v-25; iv, fols. 3v-4.

22 (2). G minor [VdGS 5]. i, ii, fols. 24v-25; iii, fols. 25v-26; iv, fols. 4v-5.

23 (3). G minor [VdGS 6]. Also published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 48, ed. G.D. Davidson. i, ii, fols. 25v-36; iii, fols. 26v-37; iv, fols. 5v-6.

24 (4). G minor [VdGS 4]. Also published in English Consort Series, ed. R. Nicholson. i, ii, fols. 26v-27; iii, fols. 27v-28; iv, fols. 6v-7.

25 (5). C minor [VdGS 3]. Aslo published in Meyer, English Chamber Music, 1946, Appendix. i, ii, fols. 27v-28; iii, fols. 28v-29; iv, fols. 7v-8.

26 (6). C minor [VdGS 12]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 30-32). i, ii, fols. 28v-29; iii, fols. 29v-30; iv, fols. 8v-9.

27 (7). A minor [VdGS 7]. Also published in Consortium, ed. H. Monkmeyer and in VdGS Suppl. pub. 49, ed. G.D. Davidson. i, ii fols. 29v-30; iii, fols. 30v-31; iv, fols. 9v-10.

28 (8). A minor [VdGS 8]. Also published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 55, ed. G.D. Davidson. i, ii, fols. 30v-31; iii, fols. 31v-32; iv, fols. 10v-11.

29 (9). A minor [VdGS 9]. Also published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 56, ed. G.D. Davidson. i, ii, fols. 31v-32; iii, fols. 32v-33; iv, fols. 11v-12.

30 (10). C minor [VdGS 16]. Also published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 58, ed. G.D. Davidson. i, ii, fols. 32v-33; iii, fols. 33v-34; iv, fols. 12v-13.

31 (11). F major [VdGS 17]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 27-29). i, ii, fols. 33v-34, iii, fols. 34v-35; iv, fols. 13v-14.

32 (12). C minor [VdGS 21]. Also published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 60, ed. G.D. Davidson and Consortium, ed. H. Monkmeyer. i, ii, fols. 34v-35; iii, fols. 35v-36; iv, fols. 14v-15.

33 (13). G major [VdGS 13]. Also published in English Consort Series, ed. R. Nicholson (no. 3) and ed. H. Monkmeyer, Consortium (D2332). i, ii, fols. 35v-36; iii, fols. 36v-37; iv, fols. 15v-16.

34 (14). G minor [VdGS 2]. Also published in English Consort Series, ed R. Nicholson. i, ii, fols. 36v-37; iii, fols. 37v-38; iv, fols. 16v-17.

35 (15). F major [VdGS 23]. Also published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 65, ed. G.D. Davidson. i, ii, fols. 37v-38; iii, fols. 38v-39; iv, fols. 17v-18.

36 (16). F minor [VdGS 14]. i, ii, fols. 38v-39; iii, fols. 39v-40; iv, fols. 18v-19.

37 (17). G major [VdGS 15]. i, ii, fols. 39v-40; iii, fols. 40v-41; iv, fols. 19v-20.

38 (18). G major [VdGS 20]. Also published in Consortium, ed. H. Monkmeyer. i, ii, fols. 40v-41; iii, fols. 41v-42; iv, fols. 20v-21.

39 (19). C major [VdGS 10]. i, fol. 41v; ii, fols. 41v-42; iii, fols. 42v-43; iv, fols. 21v-22.

40 (20). C major [VdGS 11]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 32-34). i, fol. 42; ii, fols. 43-44; iii, fols. 43v-54; iv, fols. 22v-23. i corrected, ii, iii and iv copied by F. Withy.

41-46: J. Ward. 6 fantasias for treble (ii), two tenors (i and iv) and bass (iii). All published in MB 83:

41 (21). C minor [VdGS 21]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 40-42). i, fols. 42v-43; ii, iii, fols. 44v-45; iv, fols. 23v-24.

42 (22). C minor [VdGS 22]. Also published in The Consort Player, ed. C. Arnold, 1949. i, fols. 43v-44; ii, iii, fols. 45v-46; iv, fols. 24v-25.

43 (23). A minor [VdGS 24]. i, fols. 44v-45; ii, iii, fols. 46v-47; iv, fols. 25v-26.

44 (24). A minor [VdGS 25]. i, fols. 45v-46; ii, iii, fols. 47v-48; iv, fols. 26v-27.

45 (25). G minor [VdGS 23]. i, fols. 46v-47; ii, iii, fols. 48v-49; iv, fols. 27v-28.

46 (26). C major [VdGS 26]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 37-38). i, fols. 47v-48; ii, iii, fols. 49v-50; iv, 28v-29.

47-70: FANTASIES FOR FIVE PARTS in i, ii, iii, iv (tenor) and v, numbered 1-24. No. 61 (15) has a third tenor part instead of treble in v.

47-60: Lupo. 14 fantasias for 2 trebles, 2 tenors, bass.

47 (1). D major [VdGS 3]. i, fols. 48v-49; ii, iii, fols. 50v-51; iv, fols. 29v-30; v, fols. 3v-4.

48 (2). D major [VdGS 4]. i, fols. 49v-50; ii, iii, fols. 51v-52; iv, fols. 30v-31; v, fols. 4v-5.

49 (3). D major [VdGS 2]. i, fols. 50v-51; ii, iii, fols. 52v-53; iv, fols. 31v-22; v, fols. 5v-6.

50 (4). D minor [VdGS 1]. i, fols. 51v-52; ii, iii, fols. 53v-54; iv, fols. 32v-33v, fols. 6v-7.

51 (5). C minor [VdGS 5]. i. fols. 52v-53; ii, iii, fols. 54v-55; iv, fols. 33v-34; v, fols. 7v-8.

52 (6). C minor [VdGS 11]. Published in MB 9 (pp. 69-70). i, fols. 53v-54; ii, iii, fols. 55v-56; iv, fols. 34-35; v, fols. 8v-9.

53 (7). C minor [VdGS 14]. i, fols. 54v-55; ii, iii, fols. 56v-57; iv, fols. 35v-36; v, fols. 9v-10.

54 (8). G minor [VdGS 12]. Published in MB 9 (pp. 66-68). i, fols. 55v-56; ii, iii, fols. 57v-58; iv, fols. 36-37; v, fols. 10v-11.

55 (9). G minor [VdGS 13]. i, fols. 56v-57; ii, iii, fols. 58v-59; iv, fols. 37v-38; v, fols. 11v-12.

56 (10). G minor [VdGS 15]. i, fols. 57v-58; ii, iii, fols. 59v-60; iv, fols. 38v-39; v, fols. 12v-13.

57 (11). D minor [VdGS 6]. i, fols. 58v-59; ii, iii, fols. 60v-61; iv, fols. 39v-40; v, fols. 13v-14.

58 (12). D minor [VdGS 7]. i, fols. 59v-60; ii, iii, fols. 61v-62; iv, fols. 40v-41; v, fols. 14v-15.

59 (13). D minor [VdGS 8]. i, fols. 60v-61; ii, iii, fols. 62v-63; iv, fols. 41v-42; v, fols. 15v-16.

60 (14). D minor [VdGS 10]. i, fols. 61v-62; ii, iii, fols. 63v-64; iv, fols. 42v-43; v, fols. 16v-17.

61-70: J. Coperario [Coprario]. 10 fantasias for 2 trebles, 2 tenors and bass, except 61 (15), which is for treble, 3 tenors and bass. Coperario's name is written at the end of some parts in a varying italianate hand:

61 (15). A minor [VdGS 33]. i, fols. 62v-63; ii, iii, fols. 64v-65; iv, fols. 43v-44; v, fols. 17v-18.

62 (16). G minor [VdGS 31]. i, fols. 63-64; ii, iii, fols. 65-66; iv, fols. 44v-45; v, fols. 18v-19.

63 (17). G minor [VdGS 381]. i, fols. 64v-65; ii, iii, fols. 66v-67; iv, fols. 45v-46; v, fols. 19v-20.

64 (18). G minor [VdGS 19]. i, fols. 65v-66; ii, iii, fols. 67-68; iv, fols. 46v-47; v, fols. 20v-21.

65 (19). G major [VdGS 44]. i, fols. 66v-67; ii, iii, fols. 68v-69; iv, fols. 47v-48; v, fols. 21v-22.

66 (20). D minor [VdGS 17]. i, fols. 67v-68; ii, iii, fols. 69v-70; iv, fols. 48v-49; v, fols. 22v-23.

67 (21). D minor [VdGS 18]. i, fols. 68v-69; ii, iii, fols. 70v-71; iv, fols. 49v-50; v, fols. 23v-24.

68 (22). D minor [VdGS 43]. i, fols. 69v-70; ii, iii, fols. 71v-72; iv, fols. 50v-51; v, fols. 24v-25.

69 (23). D minor [VdGS 42]. i, fols. 70v-71; ii, iii, fols. 72v-73; iv, fols. 51v-52; v, fols. 25v-26.

70 (24). D minor [VdGS 20]. i, fols. 71v-2; ii, iii, fols. 73v-4; iv, fols. 52v-3; v, fols. 26v-7.

71-91: MUSIC FOR SIX PARTS numbered 1-21:

71-74: 4 fantasias for 2 trebles, 2 tenors and 2 basses attributed to Lupo. 71-73 (1-3) are in fact by William White:

71 (1). [W. White]. C minor [VdGS 4]. i, fols. 72v-3; ii, iii, fols. 74v-75; iv, fols. 53v-54; fols. 27v-28; vi, fols. 2v-3.

72 (2). [W. White]. C minor [VdGS 3]. i, fols. 73v-74; ii, iii, fols. 75v-76; iv, fols. 54v-55; v, fols. 28v-29; vi, fols. 3v-4.

73 (3). [W. White]. D minor [VdGS 2]. Published in MB 9 (pp. 136-140). i, fols. 74v-75; ii, iii, fols. 76v-77; iv, fols. 55v-56; v, fols. 29v-30; vi, fols. 4v-5.

74 (4). [T. Lupo]. E minor [VdGS 10]. i, fols. 75v-76; ii, iii, fols. 77v-78; iv, fols. 56v-57; v, fols. 30v-31; vi, fols. 5v-6.

75-82: J. Ward. Fantasias and In nomines for 2 trebles, 2 tenor and 2 basses.

75 (5). F major [VdGS 2]. Published in MB 9 (pp. 130-132). i, fols. 76v-77; ii, iii, fols. 78v-79; iv, fols. 57v-58; v, fols. 31v-32; vi, fols. 6v-7.

76 (6). A minor [VdGS 3]. Published in MB 9 (pp. 132-135). i, fols. 77v-78; ii, iii, fols. 79v-80; iv, fols. 58v-59; v, fols. 32v-33; vi, fols. 7v-8.

77 (7). G minor [VdGS 4]. i, fols. 78v-79; ii, iii, fols. 80-81; iv, fols. 59v-60; v, fols. 33v-34; vi, fols. 8v-9.

78 (8). G minor [VdGS 5]. i, fols. 79v-80; ii, iii, fols. 81v-82; iv, fols. 60v-61; v, fols. 34v-35; vi, fols. 9v-10.

79 (9). G minor [VdGS 6]. Copied as 10 in both treble parts (i and v). i, fols. 81v-82; ii, iii, fols. 82v-83; iv, fols. 61v-62; v, fols. 36v-37; vi, fols. 10v-11.

80 (10). G minor [VdGS 7]. Copied as 9 in both treble parts (i and v). i, fols. 80v-81; ii, iii, fols. 83v-84; iv, fols. 62v-63; v, fols. 35v-36; vi, fols. 11v-12.

81 (11). In nomine [VdGS 1]. Published in VdGS Suppl. pub. 64 ed. G.J. Dodd. i, fols. 82v-83; ii, iii, fols. 84v-85; iv, fols. 63v-64; v, fols. 37v-38; vi, fols. 12v-13.

82 (12). In nomine [VdGS 2]. Published in MB 9 (pp. 148-150). i, fols. 83v-84; ii, iii, fols. 85v-86; iv, fols. 64v-65;v, fols. 38v-39; vi, fols. 13v-14.

83-85: J. Coperario [Coprario]. 3 fantasias for 2 trebles (i and v), 3 tenors (ii, iv and vi) and bass (iii). All published in John Coprario, The six-part pieces (PRB Viol consort series, 45), ed. R. Charteris (2002):

83 (13). F major [VdGS 2]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 115-117). i, fols. 84v-85; ii, iii, fols. 86v-87; iv, fols. 65v-66; v, fols. 39v-40; vi, fols. 14v-15.

84 (14). G minor [VdGS 3]. Also published by N. Dolmetsch from this manuscript in VdGS Suppl. pub. 22. i, fol. 85v; ii, iii, fol. 87v; iv, fol. 66v; v, fol. 40v; vi, fol. 15v.

85 (15). D minor [VdGS 4]. Also published by N. Dolmetsch with 84 (14) above. i, fol. 86; ii, iii, fol. 88; iv, fol. 67; v, fol. 41; vi, fol. 16.

86-88: [Orlando] Gibbons. For 2 trebles, 2 tenors, 2 basses. All published in MB 68:

86-87 (16-17). Pavan and Galliard in G major. Also published, Stainer & Bell, ed. E.H. Fellowes. i, fols. 86v-87; ii, iii fols. 88v-89; iv, fols. 67v-68; v, fols. 41v-42; vi, fols. 16v-17.

88 (18). Fantasia in D minor [VdGS 2]. i, fols. 87v-88; ii, iii, fols. 89v-90; iv, fols. 68v-69; v, fols. 42v-43; vi, fols. 17v-18.

89-91: [Peter] Phillips [Philips]. 3 pieces for 2 trebles, 3 tenors (ii, iv, vi) and bass. All published in MB 101:

89 (19). [Passamezzo Pavan] [VdGS 21]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 155-160). i, fols. 88v-90; ii, fols. 90v-92; iii, fols. 90v-91v; iv, fols. 69v-70; v, fols. 43v-45; vi, fols. 18v-20.

90 (20). Fantasia in D minor [VdGS 22]. i, fols. 90v-91; ii, iii, fols. 92v-93; iv, fols. 71v-72; v, fols. 45v-46; vi, fols. 20v-21.

92 (21). Fantasia in D minor [VdGS 23]. i, fols. 91v-92; ii, iii, fols. 93v-94; iv, fols. 72v-73; v, fols. 46v-47; vi, fols. 21v-22.

92-101: Music by John Jenkins and John Coperario [Coprario] copied by Francis Withy:

92. J. Jenkins. Fantazia in C minor [VdGS 2], for treble (v), 2 tenors (i, vi) and bass (iv). Published in JJ4 (pp. 6-11). i, fols. 92v-93; iv, fols. 73v-74; v, fols. 47v-48; vi, fols. 22v-23.

93-101: J. Coperario. Fantazia, Almaine and Galliard suites for treble [violin] (v) and bass (vi) [to organ], numbered 1-8 and 14. All published in MB 46:

92 (1). G minor [VdGS 1; RC 93]. v, fols, 61v-63; vi, fols. 36v-38.

93 (2). G minor [VdGS 2; RC 94]. v, fols. 63v-65; vi, fols. 38v-40.

94 (3). G major [VdGS 3; RC 95]. v, fols. 65v-67; vi, fols. 40v-42.

95 (4). C major [VdGS 9; RC 101]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 174-177). v, fols. 67v-69; vi, fols. 42v-44.

96 (5). C major [VdGS 10; RC 102]. v, fols. 69v-71; vi, fols. 44v-46.

97 (6). C major [VdGS 11; 103]. v, fols. 71v-73; vi, fols. 46v-48.

98 (7). A minor [VdGS 12; RC 104]. Also published in MB 9 (pp. 177-180). v, fols. 73v-75; vi, fols. 48v-50.

99 (8). D minor [VdGS 13; RC 105], lacking bass of Galliard, and treble of Almaine and Galliard. v, fols. 75v-76; vi, fols. 50v-51v.

100 (14). D major [VdGS 8; RC 100], lacking galliard. v, fols. 87v-88v; vi, fols. 62v-63v.


  • Creation: mid-17th cent.


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  • English

Preferred Citation

Oxford, Bodleian Libraries [followed by shelfmark and folio or page reference, e.g. MS. Mus. Sch. e. 437, fols. 1-2].

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MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 437-442 (Former reference: Music School A. 3. 7-12)

Collection ID (for staff)

CMD ID 17538


Fantasies for strings in 3, 4, 5 and 6 parts, copied mid-17th cent.

Biographical / Historical

John Jenkins (1592-1678) was a composer. See Grove Music Online for further details.

Alfonso Ferrabosco (c 1575-1628) was a composer and viol player. See Grove Music Online for further details.

Other Finding Aids

Robert Hake, [Catalogue of the Music School Collection], c 1850-1855. No. CXXXIX.

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. V, no. 26576-26581.

RISM 800272391

Custodial History

This item is part of the Music School collection of printed and manuscript music, which was originally bequeathed to the University of Oxford by William Heather (c 1563-1627), and gradually added to until the end of the 18th century. The present manuscript was bought by F. Withy (iv, fol. 88v) for 6s (vi, inside front cover) and owned by him (see MS. Mus. Sch. e. 440, fol. 88v).

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The collection was transferred to the Bodleian in 1885.


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  • John Ward, Consort music of four parts, transcribed and edited by Ian Payne. Musica Britannica, LXXXIII. (London: Stainer & Bell, 2005) [MB 83].

Physical Facet

Set of 6 part-books: 102, 96, 94, 88, 95 and 95 leaves. Quiring normally in eights, but i, iii, iv and v each include one quire of 4, and leaves have been removed from all except ii, where 3 or 4 leaves were cut from the beginning of the book. Watermark, initial B on a crowned shield, NICOLAS B [F(?)], not in Heawood. i includes an additional gathering of 4, Fools Cap resembling Heawood 2002, countermark CB. Ruled throughout with 5 staves, top and bottom lines extended through marginal ruling. Binding, white vellum with green silk strings.


Oblong quarto

Fantasies for strings in 3, 4, 5 and 6 parts
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