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Music-book with compositions for voice and lute at one end and keyboard music by Orlando Gibbons and music for lyra viol at the other

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MS. Mus. Sch. f. 575 (Former shelfmark: Music School B. 3. 1)

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Bound music-book in which were copied from one end compositions for voice and lute, from the other music by Orlando Gibbons in keyboard score. Later hands added music for lyra viol.

Not on the 1682 list. Numbered 7 by Edward Lowe, whose note is on fol. 2v.

1-10: Lute songs, with accompaniment, copied by a hand somewhat resembling John Wilson's. No. 7 is by Wilson.

1. Love if a god thou art. Fols. 4v-5.

2. Hold cruel love. Fol. 5v.

3. Thou sentst to me a heart. Fol. 6.

4. Eyes gaze no more. Fol. 6v.

5. If when I die. Fol. 7.

6. Hence all you vain delights. Fol. 7v.

7. [John Wilson]. You heralds of my mistress' heart. Published in Wilson's Cheerfull Ayres, 1660. Fol. 8.

8. So so leave off. Fol. 8v.

9. The little wandring God of Love. Fol. 9.

10. Stay lusty blood. Fol. 9v.

11-13: Music by Orlando Gibbons in keyboard score (volume reversed):

11-12. Mr. Orlando Gibbons. [Three part fantazias, VdGS 8 and 5]. Fols. 94-93, 92v-91v rev.

13. Mr. Gibbons. 'Versus'. [Unidentified, four-part keyboard piece in A minor]. Fol. 91v rev.

14-53: Explanation of tablature, followed by pieces for lyra viol, many of which were probably printed in Playford's Musicall Banquet, 1651-1682 (see Frank Traficante, 'Music for the Lyra Viol', Lute Society Journal, 1966, pp. 20-21). The named and ascribed pieces are:

14. The first saraband. Fol. 90 rev.

15. A la Mode. Fol. 90 rev.

16. The Thumping Lesson. Fol. 89v rev.

17. The Canaris. Fol. 89 rev.

18. Vive 1e Roy. Fol. 89 rev.

19. The Irish Rant. Fol. 88v rev.

20-28. 9 pieces by Simon Ives [VdGS 37-45]:

20. 'A French Coranto'. Fol. 88v rev.

21. 'An Ayer by Sy. Ives'. Fol. 88 rev.

22. 'La Altes'. Fol. 88 rev.

23. 'The giliflower by Mr. Ives'. Fol. 87v rev.

24. 'Frankin' [Franklin is led away]. Fol. 87v rev.

25. 'Phil Porters Lamentation'. Fol. 87 rev.

26. 'Almaine by Sy. Ive'. Fols. 87-86v rev.

27. [Unititled saraband] 'By Mr. Ive'. Fol. 86v rev.

28. [Untititled coranto]. Fol. 86 rev.

28a. 'Ann Almanio'. Fol. 86

29. 'The Marigould tuninge. A Coranto'. [Tuning fdefh]. Fol. 85v rev.

30. Mr. Jenkins. [Untitled almain, VdGS 322]. [Tuning fdefh]. Fols. 85-84v rev.

31. Mr. John Jenkins. [Untitled coranto, VdGS 323]. Fol. 84 rev.

32. Mr. Geo. Hudson. 'Harpe sharpe way', Almain [VdGS 116], Fol. 83v rev.

33. [G. Hudson]. 'Cora' [VdGS 117]. Fol. 83v rev.

34. Mr. Geo. Hudson. Saraband [VdGS 118]. Fol. 83v rev.

35-40: John Lilly: Almain, Corant 1 and 2, Saraband, Almaine, Coranto [VdGS 19, 22, 24-27]. Fols. 83-80v rev.

41. Mr. Geo. Hudson. Preludium [and untitled Almain. VdGS 119-120]. Fol. 80 rev.

42. [G. Hudson]. Coranto [VdGS 121]. Fol. 80-79v rev.

43. [G. Hudson]. Saraband [VdGS 122]. Fol. 79v rev.

44. 'Devision by Ed: Tanner'. Fol. 79 rev.

45-47. [John Esto]. 'Mr. Estos flatt harpe way'. [Untitled Coranto and Saraband], Alman, Coranto [VdGS 11-14]. Fol. 78v-77v rev.

48-50. [John Esto]. 'Mr. J. Estos second set harp flatt'. [Untitled Saraband], Allmain, Coranto, Coranto [VdGS 15-18]. Fol. 77v-76v rev.

51-53. [John Esto. 3rd set.] '3 Sut John Esto'. Corant, Prelude, Almain [VdGS 19-21. Fol. 76v-76 rev.

54-78: Copied by the hand of 14-53. Another hand annotated the pieces after comparison with printed versions and (fol. 12v) 'the paper':

54-57. 'Mr. Jenkins' [Untitled Almain, Corant and Saraband, VdGS 203-205, 251]. Fols. 10-11v.

58. Mr. Simon Ives. 'The Chimes' [VdGS 31]. Fol. 12.

59. 'Sarabande to Mr. Lawes suite in the paper' [annotator's hand]. Fol. 12v.

60. [W. Drew]. 'Sara[band]' [VdGS 1]. [Annotator's hand:] 'Drews Tuning'. Fol. 13.

61. [W. Drew]. 'Corant' [with division, VdGS 2]. [Annotator's hand:] 'Drews Tuning'. Fol. 13v.

62-72: Copied by the annotator:

62-64: W. Drew. Almaine, Coranto, Preludium [VdGS 4-6]. Fols. 14-15.

65. Simon Ives. 'Post Nag' [VdGS 84]. [Tuning edfhf]. Fol. 17v.

66-67. George Hudson. 'The Post', 'Almaine' [VdGS 137-138]. Fol. 18.

68. J. Jenkins. 'Eccho' [VdGS 250]. Fol. 18v.

69. Preludium. Fol. 19.

70. Saraband. Fol. 19v.

71. W. Laws [Lawes]. Preludium [VdGS 435]. Fol. 20.

72. Bow Bells. Fol. 20v.

73. [Simon Ives]. 'Prelude Mr. Sy. Ives' [VdGS 32]. Fol. 20v-21v.

74. [Simon Ives]. 'Sy. Ive' [Almain, VdGS 33]. Fol. 21v.

75. 'The Lord Whittlock Coranto. The 4 strings on[e] noat lower'. Fol. 22.

76-78. 'S. Ive' [Ives]. Almaine, Coranto, Saraband [VdGS 34-36]. Fols. 22v-23v.

79. F. Collier. 'Prelude' [annotator's hand]. Fol. 24v.

80. 'Mackbeth' [a different hand]. Fols. 24v-25.

81. Jo. Lilly. Corant [and untitled piece, VdGS 13-14]. Fol. 25v-26.

82. Jo. Lilly. [Untitled piece and] Prelude [VdGS 15-16]. Fols. 26v-27.

83-84. Copied by the annotator. Preludium and another piece, both 'Plaine Way'. Fols. 27v-28.

85-89. W. Gregory. 'Flat Way', five pieces including Almaine, Corant, Sara[band] and Gigg [VdGS 19, 21-24]. Fols. 28v-31.


  • Creation: mid-17th cent.


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Oxford, Bodleian Libraries [followed by shelfmark and folio or page reference, e.g. MS. Mus. Sch. f. 575, fols. 1-2].

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MS. Mus. Sch. f. 575 (Former shelfmark: Music School B. 3. 1)

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Music-book with compositions for voice and lute at one end and music by Orlando Gibbons and music for lyra viol at the other, mid-17th cent.

Biographical / Historical

Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) was a composer and keyboard player. See Grove Music Online for further details.

Other Finding Aids

Robert Hake, [Catalogue of the Music School Collection], c 1850-1855. No. CLI.

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. V, no. 26598.

Viola da Gamba Society Thematic index of music for viols [online]

Custodial History

This item is part of the Music School collection of printed and manuscript music, which was originally bequeathed to the University of Oxford by William Heather (c 1563-1627), and gradually added to until the end of the 18th century. The present manuscript was owned by William Iles, 1673, and given by him to 'Dr. Fell Deane of Ch[rist] Ch[urch] ... for the use of the public musick scoole...' with 9 others, of which only MSS. Mus. Sch. d. 245-247 remain.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The collection was transferred to the Bodleian in 1885.

Physical Facet

95 leaves (fols. 32-74 blank), quired in eights. Watermark, not always present, 8-rayed star or sun, legend TROYES, not in Briquet, Le Clert, or Heawood. Ruling, 6 5-lined staves, black marginal ruling.


Oblong quarto

Music-book with compositions for voice and lute at one end and keyboard music by Orlando Gibbons and music for lyra viol at the other
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