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Volume of psalmody consisting of hymns and anthems, presumably for use in a Welsh church or chapel

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MS. Don. d. 196
Held at the Weston Library

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Collection of hymns and anthems, presumably for use in a Welsh church or chapel. A leather label on the front board reads 'Samuel Prothero 1841', and the main contents (fols. 2-59, 75v-132) are presumably in his hand. Mostly in four parts and in open score, with the tune of hymns placed immediately above the bass line. Additions in other hands are found on fols. 59v-66, and were apparently made up to about the end of the 19th cent., as testified by the presence of the tunes Aberystwyth (composed 1877) and Ebenezer (published 1890) on fols. 65v-66. The anthems are anonymous, as are almost all the hymn tunes, which are mostly without the words.

In the list below, first lines enclosed in quotation marks are present in the title line, while first lines preceded by 'Begins:' indicate the presence of the complete text for at least one verse. Items are hymn tunes unless otherwise indicated.

  1. (fol. 2) New Duram [sic];
  2. (fol. 2v) Epsom;
  3. (fol. 2v) Funeral hymn;
  4. (fol. 3) Newbury;
  5. (fol. 3) Ymudel. Partial words;
  6. (fol. 3v) Old Wigan. 'Funaral'[sic];
  7. (fols. 3v-4) Walsal [sic];
  8. (fol. 4) 'Psalm the 89. For a funeral, by Dr. Watts;
  9. (fol. 4) Green Chapel;
  10. (fol. 4v) Colesam;
  11. (fol. 4v) Hungerford;
  12. (fol. 5) Moria. 'Blow ye the trumpet blow';
  13. (fol. 5) Fenton;
  14. (fols. 5v-8) [Edward Harwood]: 'The dying Christian. A celebrated ode by Pope'. Begins: Vital spark of heavenly flame;
  15. (fols. 8v-9v) Dismission. Begins: Tis religion that can give;
  16. (fols. 9v-10) Gloster;
  17. (fols. 9v-10) Coldyeymmar;
  18. (fol. 10) Eos y Bryn;
  19. (fols. 10v-11) Cadis;
  20. (fol. 10v) St Stephens;
  21. (fol. 11) Deisyfiad;
  22. (fol. 11) Admiral. '154 hymn in the Baptist selection';
  23. (fol. 11) Walsal. 'Psalm 90. Thou turnest man O Lord to dust';
  24. (fols. 11v-12) Talbout;
  25. (fol. 11v) Lansdown;
  26. (fol. 12) Wirksworth. 'Psalm 25';
  27. (fols. 12v-13) Dan y lastell;
  28. (fols. 12v-13) Poland;
  29. (fols. 12v-13) 'The 95 Psalm';
  30. (fol. 13) Kingsbridge;
  31. (fols. 13v-14) Golden harp;
  32. (fols. 13v-14) Crowl;
  33. (fols. 13v-14) Wirksworth. Begins: Have mercy, Lord, on me;
  34. (fols. 14v-15) Egypt;
  35. (fols. 15v-16) Dismission. Begins: Lord dismis [sic] us with thy blesing [sic];
  36. (fols. 16v-17) The young convert;
  37. (fols. 16v-17) Devizes;
  38. (fols. 17v-18) Daccord;
  39. (fols. 17v-18) 'Old Hundred' [sic]
  40. (fols. 18v-19) 'Psalm the 1st. New version'. Begins: How blest is he who never consents;
  41. (fols. 18v-19) 'Psalm the 2nd. New version';
  42. (fols. 19v-20) 'Psalm the 12th. New version';
  43. (fols. 19v-20) 'Psalm the 24th. Old version';
  44. (fols. 20v-21) 'Psalm the 27th. Old version';
  45. (fols. 20v-21) 'Psalm the 118th. Old version';
  46. (fols. 21v-22) 'Psalm the 121st. Merricks version, and.Psalm 137. Old version'. Begins: Lo from the hills my help descends;
  47. (fols. 21v-22) 'Psalm the 128th. Old version'. Begins: How blest art thou;
  48. (fols. 22v-23) 'Psalm the 130th. New version';
  49. (fols. 22v-23) '[Psalm] 81';
  50. (fols. 22v-23) '[Psalm] 46';
  51. (fols. 23v-24) 'Psalm the 68. New version';
  52. (fols. 24v-26) 'An anthem taken out of the 52 chapter of Isaiah'. Begins: Awake, put on thy strength;
  53. (fols. 26v-28v) 'An anthem taken out of the 16th Psalm'. Begins: Preserve me O God;
  54. (fols. 28v-29v) Worthy the Lamb. 'The resurrection chorus' [added in pencil];
  55. (fols. 30-32) An anthem taken out of the 9th chapter of Isaiah, adapted for Christmas Day'. Begins: Unto us a child is born;
  56. (fols. 32v-33v) The prodigal son. Anthem. Begins: I will arise and go to my father;
  57. (fols. 34-35) Zions mountain. Begins: How beauteous are their feet;
  58. (fols. 35v-36) 'An anthem taken out of the 115 Psalm'. Begins: Not unto us O Lord;
  59. (fols. 36v-39) 'An anthem taken out of the 1st chapter of Isaiah' Begins: Hear O heavens and give ear O earth;
  60. (fols. 39v-43v) 'Anthem taken out of the 3rd chapter of Jenesis [sic]'. Begins: Decived by subtil snares of hell;
  61. (fols. 43v-46) 'A funeral ode, the words expressly written for this work'. Begins: Shall we deplore the pious dead;
  62. (fols. 45v-47) 'Victory. A short and familiar anthem for funeralls'. Begins: Death is swallow'd up in victory';
  63. (fols. 47v-48) Untitled piece;
  64. (fols. 48v-50) 'Immanuels triumph. Psalm 111th. Dr. Watts'. Begins: From all that dwell below the skies;
  65. (fols. 49v-51) ?Excerpt from an anthem. Begins: But all they that with him live.
  66. (fols. 51v-55) Untitled anthem. Begins: I'll wash my hands in innocency. Words from Psalm 26;
  67. (fols. 55-59) Untitled anthem. Begins: The Lord is King, and hath put on glorious apparel. Words from Psalm 93;
  68. (fols. 59v-60) 'Hymn 34, When all thy mercies, O my God. [Composed by] J. Cumley';
  69. (fols. 59v-60) Another hymn tune by J. Cumley, untitled;
  70. (fols. 60v-62) 'What are these that are arrayed in white robes'. Anthem;
  71. (fols. 62v-63) The unshaken covenant. Hymn. Begins: I press for the swellings of Jordan;
  72. (fols. 63v-64) The love of Christ. Anthem;
  73. (fol. 64v) 'Leeds. Just as I am without one plea';
  74. (fols. 64v-65) Intercession. Begins: Saw ye my Saviour;
  75. (fols. 65v-66) Aberystwyth. By Joseph Parry;
  76. (fols. 65v-66) Ebenezer. By Thomas Williams;
  77. (fols. 75v-76) New Sabbath;
  78. (fols. 75v-76) Whitehall;
  79. (fols. 76v-77) Liston;
  80. (fols. 76v-77) Bristol;
  81. (fols. 77v-78) Greenwich;
  82. (fols. 77v-78) 'Easter or Pasg';
  83. (fols. 78v-79) Fenuell;
  84. (fols. 78v-79) Everlasting song;
  85. (fols. 79v-80) Immanuel. 'All hall the power of Jesu's name';
  86. (fols. 80v-81) Jeremiah;
  87. (fols. 81v-82) Wishfulness:
  88. (fols. 81v-82) Washington;
  89. (fols. 82v-83) Blessing. 'Lord dismiss us with they blessing';
  90. (fols. 83v-84) Salem;
  91. (fols. 83v-84) Wellington;
  92. (fols. 84v-85) Authority;
  93. (fols. 84v-85) Concwest;
  94. (fols. 85v-86) 'Zions Hill or Zions Mountain';
  95. (fols. 85v-86) Distant land;
  96. (fols. 86v-87) Eden;
  97. (fols. 86v-87) Calvary;
  98. (fols. 87v-88) Bath Chapel;
  99. (fols. 87v-88) Sprowston;
  100. (fols. 88v-89) Miles Lane. 'All hail the power of Jesu's name'. By W. Shrubsole;
  101. (fols. 88v-89) Eastgate;
  102. (fols. 89v-90) Midnight cry. Begins: Ye virgin souls arise;
  103. (fols. 90v-91) Dismission. Begins: May the grace of Christ our Saviour;
  104. (fols. 91v-92) Cambridge;
  105. (fols. 91v-92) Artaxerxes. 'Am I a soldier of the cross';
  106. (fols. 92v-93) Irish;
  107. (fols. 92v-93) Bedford;
  108. (fols. 93v-94) Sheffield;
  109. (fols. 93v-94) 'Psalm the 33. New version';
  110. (fols. 94v-95) 'Psalm the 147. Woodford';
  111. (fols. 94v-95) Harmony. Begins: O for a shout of sacred joy;
  112. (fols. 95v-96) Persia;
  113. (fols. 95v-96) Rousseau's dream;
  114. (fols. 96v-97) Messiah;
  115. (fols. 96v-97) Calcutta;
  116. (fols. 97v-98) Mount Calvary;
  117. (fols. 97v-98) Capel;
  118. (fols. 98v-99) Arabia;
  119. (fols. 98v-99) Martin's Lane;
  120. (fols. 99v-100) Mount Pleasant;
  121. (fols. 99v-100) Piety;
  122. (fols. 100v-101) Deritend;
  123. (fols. 100v-101) Suffolk;
  124. (fols. 101v-102) Ashley;
  125. (fols. 101v-102) Falcon Street;
  126. (fols. 102v-103) Portugal;
  127. (fols. 102v-103) Antigua;
  128. (fols. 103v-104) Evening hymn;
  129. (fols. 103v-104) Derby;
  130. (fols. 104v-105) 'Zions Temple or Wondrous cross';
  131. (fols. 104v-105) Crucifixion;
  132. (fols. 105v-106) Zions Church;
  133. (fols. 105v-106) Biggleswade. Composed by 'Rev. D.E. Ford';
  134. (fols. 106v-107v) The grand Easter hymn. Begins: This day be grateful homage paid;
  135. (fol. 107v) Hosanna [i.e. St. Denio]. 'Oh Zion afflicted with wave upon wave';
  136. (fol. 108) Hanover. 'Oh Zion afflicted with wave upon wave'. Not the tune by William Croft;
  137. (fols. 108v-109) Ilminster. 'Come ye that love the Lord';
  138. (fols. 109v-110) Glorious Advent. 'Lo he come with clouds descending';
  139. (fols. 110v-111) Congregation;
  140. (fols. 110v-111) Portsea;
  141. (fols. 111v-112) Mercy;
  142. (fols. 111v-112) Star of Bethlehem;
  143. (fols. 112v-113) Little negro. 'There is a land of pure delight';
  144. (fols. 113v-114) Melbourn Port;
  145. (fols. 113v-114) Lydia;
  146. (fols. 114v-115) Epsida;
  147. (fols. 114v-115) Seaborn. 'On the fall and the redemption of man';
  148. (fols. 115v-116) Glasgow;
  149. (fols. 115v-116) Justification;
  150. (fols. 116v-117) Hampshire;
  151. (fols. 116v-117) Church Street;
  152. (fols. 117v-118) Sholes;
  153. (fols. 117v-118) Lovely. Begins: In what has now become;
  154. (fols. 118v-119) New bark;
  155. (fols. 118v-119) Alton;
  156. (fols. 119v-120) Untitled tune in A minor;
  157. (fols. 119v-120) 'Michael. Psalm 27';
  158. (fols. 120v-121) 'Northwood or Mount Sinah. Funeral';
  159. (fols. 120v-121) Wareham;
  160. (fols. 121v-122) Sarah;
  161. (fols. 121v-122) Judgement;
  162. (fols. 122v-123) Bradley Church;
  163. (fols. 122v-123) Christian joy;
  164. (fols. 123v-124) Woburn;
  165. (fols. 124v-125) Eden;
  166. (fols. 124v-125) Zions joy;
  167. (fols. 125v-126) Queenborough;
  168. (fols. 125v-126) Cheerfullness;
  169. (fol. 126v) Cookham;
  170. (fol. 126v) Hart's;
  171. (fol. 127) Auburn;
  172. (fol. 127v) Brompton;
  173. (fol. 128) French;
  174. (fols. 128v-129) Anglesea. Begins: God moves in a mysterious way;
  175. (fols. 128v-129) Lenox;
  176. (fols. 129v-130) 'Moliant or Praise'. Begins: Come every pious heart;
  177. (fols. 129v-130) Thou dear redeemer, dying lamb;
  178. (fol. 130v) Martyrdom. Begins: How sweet the name of Jesus sounds;
  179. (fol. 130v) Saints hope. Begins: O for a closer walk with God;
  180. (fol. 131) Boston. 'Awake my soul in joyful lays';
  181. (fols. 131v-132) Untitled tune in A minor;
  182. (fols. 131v-132) Untitled tune in E minor;
  183. (fol. 135) Answer to the Commandments;
  184. (fol. 135v) 'Friendship, three in one' Canon. Begins: How good and how plesant [sic];
  185. (fol. 135v) 4-part canon. Begins; A happy man as not;
  186. (fol. 135v) 'Bass solo of The prodigal son' and tenor and bass parts for the end of it (cf. no. 56).


  • Creation: 1841-c 1900


136 Leaves

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  • English

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Oxford, Bodleian Libraries [followed by shelfmark, e.g. MS. Don. d. 196, fols. 1-2].

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MS. Don. d. 196

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CMD ID 15902


Volume of psalmody, 1841-c 1900.

Biographical / Historical

Samuel Prothero appears to have owned the volume in 1841.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Given by David Vaisey through the Friends of the Bodleian, 1995.

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136 leaves (66v-75 and 132v-4v blank); 8 staves to a page. Binding: full calf. Leather label on front board: 'Samuel Prothero 1841'. Label on spine: 'Music book'.


Oblong octavo (150 × 240 mm)

Volume of psalmody
EAD version 2019 by Hannah Jordan and Margaret Czepiel
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