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Songs, cantatas, and airs with English words

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MS. Mus. e. 41

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Songs, cantatas and airs with English words, copied between 1730 and c 1750, probably from printed sources. All are written in the treble clef, with figured bass accompaniment unless other wise described below.

1 (pp. 1a-2a) Handel, 'Come ever smiling liberty', from Judas Maccabeus [HWV 63/10]. No bass.

2 (pp. 3-5) Arne, 'Fly swiftly ye minutes', from Comus.

3 (pp. 6-7) Arne, 'Under the greenwood tree'. No bass.

4 (pp. 8-9) Arne, 'Sylvia wilt thou waste', from Amintas [Aminta].

5 (pp. 10-11) Mr. [J.] Oswald, 'The Imaginary kill'.

6 (pp. 12-13) Arne, 'To keep my gentle Jessy', sung in The Merchant of Venice.

7 (pp. 16-19) Travers, 'Bright author of my present flame'.

8-14 Dr. Green [Maurice Greene], songs published in The Chaplet, 1738, with one, no. 11, first published in the British Musical Miscellany, [1735], iii. 29.

8 (pp. 22-23) 'Ye purple blooming roses'.

9 (pp. 24-25) 'The departure' (beg. 'Hence thou deceiver').

10 (p. 26) 'The flea' (beg. 'Little flea, why so blood-thirsty').

11 (p. 27) 'Ah! Syren charmer'.

12 (pp. 28-29) 'Sweet Annie fra' the sea'.

13 (pp. 30-31) 'Fair Sally'.

14 (pp. 32-33) 'Echo' (beg. 'Pheobe the rose').

15 (pp. 34-39) Handel, 'God of musick' [from Rodelinda], with 'Sym[phony]' [HWV 19/7].

16 (p. 40) 'Lavalle de Sigr. Gaetano Latilla' [La Franoletta]. Incomplete.

17 (p. 41) [G. Latilla], 'Collin's Request', (beg. 'Help me').

18 (pp. 42-43a) Greene, 'Charming Chloe look with pity'.

19 (pp. 43b-51) 'A Mad Song for the loss of a Gentleman at Sea' (beg. 'Lye still the winds').

20 (p. 52) 'A Drinking song', (beg. 'Ye thursty souls').

21 (pp. 53-54) Mr. Howard, 'For ever fortune'.

22 (pp. 55-58) Arne, 'Sweet Echo', from Comus.

23 (pp. 59-62) Arne, 'Would you taste', from Comus.

24 (pp. 63-67) Arne, 'How gentle', from Comus.

25 (pp. 67-68) Mr. Howard, 'At setting day'.

26 (pp. 69-72) Arne, 'Now Phoebus sinketh', from Comus.

27 (pp. 73-84) Dr. Greene, 'Great ruler of the restless waves' [on the marriage of Frederick, Prince of Wales].

28-37 Handel, 'The songs out of L'Allegro' [HWV 55], with one (32) from Esther

28 (pp. 85-101) 'Haste thee nymph' [HWV 55/5].

28a (pp. 88-91) 'Or let the many bells ring round' [HWV 55/19a].

28b (pp. 92-97) 'Sung by Beard' ('There let Hymen oft appear') [HWV 55/24].

28c (pp. 98-101) 'And ever against eating cares' [HWV 55/28].

29 (pp. 102-104) 'Come with gentle hand' [HWV 55/37].

30 (pp. 105-106) 'Come and trip it' [HWV 55/6].

31 (pp. 107-110) 'As steals the morn' [HWV 55/39].

32 (pp. 111-116) 'O Jordan sacred tide', in Esther [HWV 50].

33 (pp. 117-118) 'Mirth admit me', [HWV 55/13].

34 (p. 119) 'Hide me' [HWV 55/26a].

35 (pp. 120-123) 'Let me wander' [HWV 55/16].

36 (pp. 123-125) 'Oft on a plot' [HWV 55/14].

37 (pp. 126-128) 'Come thou goddess' [HWV 55/3].

38 (pp. 129-134) Arne, 'Banish sorrow', from Cornus. 3 parts, no bass.

39 (pp. 135-136) [Samuel Howard] 'At St. Osyth by the mill'. Published in Musical Companion, p. 11.

40 (pp. 137-138) Lampe, 'On thy fair banks O Medway'.

41 (pp. 139-140) Lampe, 'Not this blooming April season'.

42 (pp. 141-142) Arne, 'Blow blow thou winter wind', [from As you like it].

43 (pp. 143-146) Dr. Pepusch, cantata [2], 'See from the silent grove' [Alexis]. No bass.

44 (p. 147) Carey, 'In vain your charms', [from Cephalus and Procris]. Incomplete.

45 (p. 148) Handel, 'Will God whose mercies', from Athalia [HWV 52]. No bass.

46 (pp. 149-151) 'Let the bright Seraphim', from Sampson [HWV 57/55]. No bass.

47 (pp. 151-152) 'Then free from sorrow', from Sampson [HWV 57/5]. No bass.

48 (pp. 153-154) Dr. Green, 'Orpheus with his lute'. No bass.

49 (pp. 155-156) Handel, 'How blest the maid', from [Hercules HWV 60/18]. No bass.

50 (pp. 157-159) Arne, 'By the rushy fringed bank', from Comus. No bass.

51 (p. 162) Anon., 'Lion's song', ('O o o oh Change any feature'). No bass.

52 (pp. 163-164) Anon., 'The man in the moon am I Sir', with instrumental introduction, etc. No bass.

53 (pp. 165-168) Greene, song from Spenser's Amoretti, 'Like as a huntsman'.

54 (pp. 169-170) Handel, 'What passion cannot music', from Ode for St Cecilia's Day [HWV 76/3]. No bass.

55 (pp. 171-172) Handel, 'The soft complaining flute', from Ode for St Cecilia's Day [HWV 76/6a]. No bass.

56 (pp. 173-175) Handel, 'War he sung', from Alexander's Feast [HWV 75/12]. No bass.

57 (pp. 176-178) Handel, 'Through the land so lovely blooming', from Athalia [HWV 52/18a]. No bass.

58 (pp. 179-180) Handel, 'Choirs of Angels', from Deborah [HWV 51/9]. No bass.

59 (pp. 181-182) Handel, 'The mighty master smiled to see', from Alexander's Feast [HWV 75/10a]. No bass.

60 (pp. 183-186) Handel, 'Already see', recitative and 3-part chorus from Saul [HWV 53/21]. No bass.

61 (pp. 187-190) Handel, 'O lovely youth', from Joseph [HWV 59/7]. No bass.

62 (pp. 191-197) [Samuel] Howard, Cantata, 'Damon who long'. No bass.

63-65 Greene, sonnets from Spenser's Amoretti. No bass.

63 (pp. 197-199) 'Arion, when through tempests'.

64 (pp. 199-201) 'Thrice happy she'.

65 (pp. 202-204) 'Like as the culver'. [Also, incomplete, on pp. 291-294].

66 (pp. 205-206) Handel, 'No more let sorrow pain you', from Atalanta [HWV 35/3]. No bass.

67 (pp. 207-209) Festing, 'To Milton's May Morning', [beg. 'Now the bright morning star']. No bass.

68 (pp. 211-212) Handel, 'Sound an alarm', from Judas Maccabeus [HWV 63/26]. No bass.

69 (pp. 213-214) Boyce, 'Song of Venus' from The Secular Masque. No bass.

70 (pp. 215-218) W. Flackton, Cantata, 'Beneath thy altar'. No bass.

71 (pp. 219-221) W. Flackton, 'Belinda see from yonder flow'rs', words from The Spectator. No bass.

72 (pp. 221-222) [H. Carey?/H. Purcell?], 'A song' [from Britannia] 'He comes, the hero comes'.

73 (pp. 223-225) Handel, 'Hark 'tis the linnet', from Joshua [HWV 64/13]. No bass.

74 (pp. 225-228) Handel, 'Heroes when with glory', from Joshua [HWV 64/24]. No bass.

75 (pp. 229-230) Arne, 'Vainly now ye strive'.

76 (pp. 231-232) Anon., A Song, 'To make the wife Kind'.

77 (pp. 233-234) Handel, 'With pious hearts', from Judas Maccabeus [HWV 63/27]. No bass, incomplete.

78 (pp. 235-236) [Davidson] Russell, 'Young Daphne'.

79 (pp. 240-245) Handel, 'Twas at the royal feast', from Alexander's Feast [HWV 75/1].

80 (pp. 247-248) Harris, 'Whilst youth and beauty'.

81 (pp. 249-253) Handel, 'The smiling hours', from Hercules [HWV 60/10].

82 (pp. 253-254) Carey, 'Trust not man'.

83 (pp. 255-257) 'Advice to the Ladies', [beg. 'Forgive ye fair'].

84 (pp. 258-263) Travers, duet, 'Haste my Nanette', [Eighteen Canzonets, no. XII].

85 (pp. 264-266) Handel, 'Tune the soft melodious lute', from Jeptha [HWV 70/16]. No bass.

86 (p. 278) Arne, 'Tell me where is fancy bred'. No bass.

87 (pp. 279-280) [Galliard?], 'Kind god of sleep'.

88 (pp. 281-283) Greene, 'Go rose my Cloe's bosom grace'. Published as A Cantata etc.

89 (p. 284) Arne, 'When gentle Parthenissa walks', from The Tender Husband.

90 (pp. 285-286) Arne, 'O come o come my dearest', from The Fall of Phaeton.

91 (pp. 287-290) Arne, 'Is innocence so void of care', from The Rival Queens.

92 (pp. 295-299) 'The Early Horn, set by Mr. Galliard'.

93 (pp. 300-303) Stanley, 'Cantata in the manner of Anacreon' [12 Cantatas, no. IV]. No bass.

94 (pp. 303-304) Corfe, 'Pretty wanton'. No bass.

95 (p. 305) Howard, 'Stella and Flavia'. No bass.

96 (p. 306) Boyce, 'Fairest of the virgin throng', from Solomon. No bass.

97 (pp. 307-310) Boyce, 'From the mountains' and 'Tell me lovely shepherd', from Solomon. No bass.

98 (pp. 311-312) Boyce, 'Who quits the lily's fleecy white', from Solomon. No bass.

99 (p. 313) Boyce, 'Fair and comely', from Solomon. No bass.

100 (pp. 314-317) Boyce, 'The cheerful spring', from Solomon. No bass, with chorus SATB in score.

101 (pp. 317-318) Boyce, 'How lovely art thou', from Solomon. No bass.

102 (pp. 319-323) Stanley, 'The God Vertumnus', [12 Cantatas, no. VI]. No bass.

103 (p. 324) Howard's 'Favourite Musette', words from The Amorous Goddess, (beg. 'Soft invader'). No bass.

104 (pp. 325-328) Stanley, 'Compelled by sultry Phoebus' heat' [12 Cantatas, no. V]. No bass.

105 (pp. 329-330) Lampe, 'She alone whom passion warms'. No bass.

106 (pp. 331-332) Boyce, 'As the rich apple', fromSolomon.

107-111 Songs by Chilcot, printed in Twelve English Songs [1744]. No bass.

107 (pp. 333-334) 'Orpheus with his lute'.

108 (p. 335) 'Come live with me'.

109 (p. 336) 'Come thou monarch of the vine'.

110 (p. 337) 'Take, oh take'.

111 (pp. 338-339) 'Friend of play'.

112 (pp. 340-345) Stanley, cantata 'Marcus the young', published in Twelve Cantatas, 1742. [No. I]. No bass.

113 (pp. 346-349) Stanley, cantata 'Teach me Venus', published in Twelve Cantatas, 1742. [No. III]. No bass.

114 (pp. 351-353) Howard, 'The Chase', recit and air. No bass.

115 (p. 353) ?Fragment of a bass part.


  • Creation: 1730-c 1750


355 pages

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  • English

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Oxford, Bodleian Libraries [followed by shelfmark and folio or page reference, e.g. MS. Mus. e.41, p. 1].

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MS. Mus. e. 41

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CMD ID 16793


Songs, cantatas, and airs with English words, copied between 1730 and c 1750.

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Biographical details unknown.

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RISM 800273673

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Inscribed by J. Alcock, 1771. Other names: Hen. Wood (crossed out) and Fanny Brown.

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Bought, 1974.

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Watermarks: 'Pro Patria', countermark (rarely) IV or (more usually) crowned GR; and lion within inscribed roundel, 'Pro Patria eiusque libertate', countermark crowned GR. Ruled with 6 five-line staves, red margins at both edges. Much cut by binder. ii + 353 pages. Quired in eights, now lacking some leaves. Binding: brown calf with gold fillets and corner decoration.


Oblong quarto

Songs, cantatas, and airs with English words
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