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General faculty and departmental administration, 1969-1979

MS. Bodmer 428

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Papers of the Sub-Faculty of Biochemistry.

  1. 'Safety File G103'. Documents relating to radiation regulations, including the University of Oxford Nineteenth Annual Report of the Radiation Protection Offices for the year ending 1978 and correspondence from trade union safety representatives, Oct 1978-Feb 1979
  2. 'Oxford Computing'. Correspondence sent from Walter Bodmer enquiring about the acquisition of computing equipment for the new sub-department of genetics at Oxford. Also contains a research computer grant application and some computing brochures, Oct 1969-Nov 1969
  3. 'Genetics Laboratory, Oxford 1970-1979'. File contains a list of staff and dates of attendance
  4. 'Lecture Lists'. Papers relating to the Sub Faculty of Computation, including minutes of a meeting held by the Department of Biochemistry Staff Committee held 23 May 1978
  5. 'Sub Faculty'. Minutes of the Department of Biochemistry Staff Committee meetings. Some papers relating to the departmental library are also enclosed, 1978-1979
  6. 'Sub Faculty'. Minutes of the Sub Faculty of Biochemistry and the Teaching Committee, and examination reports, Jun 1978-Jun 1979
  7. 'Teaching'. Correspondence addresses to Professor Porter relating to Ian Craig's sabbatical leave, Mar 1978
  8. Genetics Laboratory financial statements and accounting notes, 1973


  • 1969-1979


1 box (8 folders)


MS. Bodmer 428