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Correspondents files under the letter C described as 'Assorted Alphabetical Files' covering CAR-CHA, 1982-2002

MS. Bodmer 100
Held in our offsite storage facility

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Contains transcript of Walter Bodmer interview by political scientist Ira Carmen with subjects including Human Genome Organisation (HUGO); Sidney Brenner and the beginnings of the Human Genome Project; molecular genetics techniques; "big science"; human embryo research.

  1. Folder 1: Dr. A. Carbonara, Mr. A. W. Carbonell, Miss Gail Cardew, C. Carestia, Miss J. E. Carey, Norman Carey, Dr. Sue Carey, Dr. E. Carim, M. E. Carleton-Smith, R. C. J. Carling, Mrs Lally Carleton-Jones, Dr. James Cassidy, Dr. S. Chang, Jean-Pierre Changeux ( =Res.)
  2. Folder 2: Ira H. Carmen, Dr. Adrian J. Caro, Prof. K. E. Carr, Prof. Robin W. Carrell, José Carreras, Dawn Carroll, J. A. S. Carruth, Mr. Raymond Carter, Dr. Peter Cartwright, Dr. Sheila C. Cartwright, Dr. Natale Cascinelli, Prof. Carlo U. Casciani, Prof. Caskey, Dr. James Cassidy, (Bill) W. M. Castell, Torbjorn Casperson, Sir Robin Catford, Graeme R. D. Catto, Prof. Dr. Franco Cavalli, Dr. Webster K. Cavanee
  3. Folder 3: Dr. Franco Celada, Dr. Esteban Celis, R. L. Ceriani, Enzo Cerundolo, Dr. Chadwick CIBA, Mrs. S. E. Chadwick, Raju S. K. Chaganti, Dr. Aravinda Chakravarti, Iain Chalmers, Neil Chalmers, Prof. Pierre Chambon, Dr. Ian Chalmers
  4. Folder 4: R. Chandrasekaran, Jean-Pierre Changeux, Cyril Chantler, Miss Anne-Marie Chausse, Philip Chapell, Mrs. P. Chapman, Prof. Brian Charlesworth, Anne Charlton, Prof. D. Charron, Murid Ahmed Chaudary


  • 1982-2002


1 box (4 folders)

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  • English

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Some items are closed. These are marked as ( =Res).


MS. Bodmer 100