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Visits and Conferences, 1984-1986

MS. Bodmer 2204 ( =Res.)
Held in our offsite storage facility
  1. Folder 1: 'Meetings Attended'. Correspondence, 1984
  2. Folder 2: 'Strasbourg meeting'. Correspondence and papers regarding the use of monoclonal antibodies for serological typing, 1985
  3. Folder 3: 'Porter meeting Oxford 19-18 July 85 Not Attended'. Symposium in honour of R.R. Porter, correspondence and schedule, 1985
  4. Folder 4: '5th European Course on Histocompatibility MTG Rome 16-27th Sept. 1985'. Correspondence, notes, and papers. Includes 'Monoclonal antibodies and the HLA system', 1985
  5. Folder 5: '[American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics] ASHI San Diego Oct 14 85'. Correspondence, notes, research data, 1985. Includes donor data
  6. Folder 6: 'Class II Structure Paper'. Comprises: 'Antigenic Structure of Class II Molecules'. Typescript with transparencies; draft of 'A European workshop to investigate technical problems if using monoclonal antibodies in cytotoxicity', 1985
  7. Folder 7: 'Keble Workshop 11th-14th April 1986'. ICRF Workshop, manuscript notes and typescript papers and programme, 1985-86
  8. Folder 8: 'Lund Meeting - Oct. 1985'. Cell Surface Antigens: Structure, Function and Genetics. Uses of MCA in the study of the HLA-D region. Correspondence, papers, and transparencies, 1985
  9. Folder 9: 'Sorrento April 15-18 1986'. International Symposium, The Biological Significance of the Major Histocompatibility Complex. Structure and Function of MHCClass I Molecules, session co-chaired by Julia Bodmer. Correspondence and papers, 1985-86
  10. Folder 10: 'SCAND SOC IMMUN. Meeting FINLAND June 3-8 86'. XVII Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology and II Summer School. Correspondence, 1985-86
  11. Folder 11: 'China 86 June 10 - '. Includes 'Notes on Visit to East Berlin', Sep 1986. Coordinated via the Institute of Basic Sciences, Peking, China. Correspondence and papers, 1985-86


  • 1984-1986


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MS. Bodmer 2204 ( =Res.)