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Unpublished stories, plays, verses and notes by Maria Edgeworth, 1800-1849

MS. Eng. misc. c. 897
Held at the Weston Library

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(fols. 1-2) 'Notes for Edgeworth on Education of the Poor', c.1800. See also MS. Eng. misc. e. 1461.


(fols. 3-8) a fragmentary draft of an unidentified play, c.1811

(fols. 9-12) an outline of a story entitled 'A Canterbury Tale', c.1817. Fols. 9v-10 contain a draft of Harrington. Fols. 11v-12 contain a draft of 'The two guardians', act III, sc. iii, Comic dramas (1817). See also MS. Eng. misc. c. 896, fols. 46-52, 53-91

(fol. 13) an outline of a story entitled 'The Modern Lucretia', c.1817, with Harrington on the verso.

(fols. 14-16) an outline of a story entitled 'All in the wrong' ['The silent gentleman' deleted], c.1817, with Harrington on the versos

(fols. 17-20) three fragments of 'Nora', [1840]-1849, fol. 19 inscribed 'May 21st 1849. There her hand stopped, next day it was cold forever'

(fols. 21-23) an outline of a story or play entitled 'Celebrity', n.d. See Butler, p. 236.

(fols. 24-42) an incomplete draft of a story entitled 'Garry Owen', n.d. [Not the same as the 'Garry Owen' published in the Christmas Box, 1829]

(fols. 43-56) notes for an unwritten novel about Ireland, n.d. For other Irish material, see MS. Eng. misc. e. 1464; f. 860.

(fols. 57-58) an outline of a story entitled 'The life and death of a divorcée', n.d., with unidentified material on the versos, possibly discarded from Harrington

(fol. 59) a copy of 'The Devil's thoughts' by S.T. Coleridge, here entitled 'Devil's Walk' and annotated 'as read by Davy, 1805'

(fol. 60) a poem addressed to Sir Humphrey Davy, c.1812-1817

(fols. 61-62) two copies of a poem, 'To my dear Aunt Ruxton with a violet vase', 1819

(fols. 63-64) two copies of a poem, 'With an Old purple Coverlet sent to my dear Aunt Ruxton, Jan. 1830'

(fol. 65) a poem, 'Dolly's Washing day', addressed to her nieces, Mary Anne and Charlotte Fox, 1839

(fol. 66) a verse epilogue to an unidentified play, n.d. [but before 1817], in the hand of Maria Edgeworth, but possibly composed by Richard Lovell Edgeworth

(fol. 67) verses, 'To Philip Crampton... with a Fountain pen', with (fol. 67v) a reply, 'To Maria Edgeworth's Pen', n.d. [but before 1839]

(fols. 68-92) miscellaneous notes and anecdotes, comprising:

  1. (fols. 68-75) 'Mr Forster's [sic] description of the ambassador's presentation to the Grand Seignior', in an unidentified hand, c.1806. See also MS. Eng. misc. e. 1463, pp. 29-53.
  2. (fols. 76-77) an anecdote relating to Bowes Daly of Dalystown, c.1818, in an unidentified hand
  3. (fols. 78-81) 'An Account of All Hallow Tide', c.1821, in the hand of Louisa Beaufort
  4. (fol. 82) 'Oh Langan! Langan!', a speech by an Irishwoman, in the hand of Maria Edgeworth, c.1824. See Christina Colvin, 'Two unpublished MSS by Maria Edgeworth', Review of English literature, VIII (4), 1967, pp. 53-55
  5. (fols. 83-84) notes by Maria Edgeworth, 'For Lucy', 1820s
  6. (fols. 85-92) notebook in the hand of Harriet Edgeworth, n.d.

(fols. 93-118) miscellaneous material arising from visits to France, comprising:

  1. (fols. 93-103) 'Requête Presentée à Made. Helvétius par ses chats, 1785' in the hand of André Morellet, with (fols. 104-9) a transcript by H.E. Butler, and (fol. 105) a letter to him from J.M. Thompson, 1943. See also MS. Eng. misc. c. 896, fols. 16-25; d. 1300; e.1465
  2. (fol. 110) 'Questions proposés par Camille Jordan', c.1802-1803, in an unidentified hand
  3. (fols. 111-116) 'Epitre dédicatoire' by Marmontel, in an unidentified hand, inscribed 'given by Madame Marmontel's mother to Maria Edgeworth. Dec. 1803'
  4. (fols. 117-118) notes from a French tour of 1820, in an unidentified hand


  • Creation: 1800-1849


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MS. Eng. misc. c. 897

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