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Notes, drafts and fair copies of published stories and educational works by Maria Edgeworth, 1795-1827

MS. Eng. misc. c. 896
Held at the Weston Library

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(fols. 1-6) The parent's assistant(London, 1795-1827), comprising:

(fols. 1-2) a version of part of 'Old Poz', sc. III, in the hand of Mary Sneyd, c.1795

(fol. 3) two verses in an unidentified hand,'Prologue and Epilogue to "Old Poz" written by Mr. Kitchen January 1847'

(fol. 4) a prologue to 'The grinding organ' (1827), in the hand of R.L. Edgeworth, c.1808

(fols. 5-6) a letter used as a stage-prop in an 1808 performance of 'The grinding organ'

Note: For a theatre programme for 'Old Poz', see MS. Eng. misc. b. 432, fol. 89; for a notebook containing outlines of 'Simple Susan' and 'The White pigeon', see MS. Eng. misc. e. 1462.

(fols. 7-13) 'The mental thermometer' (1801), a fair copy in the hand of Harriet Edgeworth, c.1815-1825

(fols. 14-25) Essays on Irish bulls (London, 1802), comprising:

(fols. 14-15) notes sent to R.L. Edgeworth by W.L. Beaufort, n.d.

(fols. 16-25) a holograph manuscript of André Morellet, 'Recueil de Bêtises', used in the third edition (London, 1808)

(fols. 26-41) Popular tales (London, 1804), an outline of 'Tomorrow', 1803

Note: See Butler, p. 236. See also MSS. Eng. misc. e. 1463, p. 73; f. 859-860.

(fols. 42-45) Patronage (London, 1814) comprising:

(fol. 42) part of a draft, annotated by R.L. Edgeworth and Maria Edgeworth, 1813

(fols. 43-44) an anecdote in the hand of Honora Edgeworth, 1827

(fol. 45) 'Extract for "Patronage" ', n.d.

(fols. 46-50) Comic dramas (London, 1817), an incomplete draft, c.1813-1817, of 'The rose, thistle and shamrock', Act I, sc. i and ii, annotated 'Last effort of my fathers to correct this play for me. June 1817', with (fols. 51-52) notes on the published text, c.1817.

Note: See also MS. Eng. misc. c. 897, fols. 11v-12

(fols. 53-73) Harrington (London, 1817), a fragmentary draft, c.1816, with another draft on the versos.

See also MS. Eng. misc. c. 897, fols. 9v-10, 13v, 14v-16, 57v-58

(fols. 74-94) Ormond (London, 1817), comprising:

(fols. 74-91) two outlines, c.1816, entitled 'Vesey' [incomplete] and 'Vesay', with drafts of Harrington on the versos and on fol. 78

Note: See Butler pp. 264-246

(fol. 92) notes for chap.III, the history of the King of the Black Islands, c.1816

(fol. 93) an errata slip for volume II, c.1817

(fol. 94) a note of R.L. Edgeworth's contributions to the novel, n.d.

(fol. 95) Frank: a sequel to Frank in Early lessons (London, 1822), an errata slip for the second edition (London, 1825) in the hand of Honora Edgeworth, n.d.

(fols. 96-120) Harry and Lucy concluded (London, 1825) [i.e. the third and last part of Early lessons, 1801], comprising:

(fols. 96-101) 'Plan and notes...', 16 July 1822

(fols. 102-106) two drafts of a dialogue on barometers, c.1822-1825, fols. 102-103 in the hand of Maria Edgeworth, fols. 104-106 in the hand of Honora Edgeworth

(fols. 107-117) drafts of discarded material, mainly from volume II, c.1822-1825, fol. 111 in the hand of Frances Edgeworth

(fol. 118) a list of suggested engravings for the published text, in the hand of Harriet Edgeworth, c.1825

(fols. 119-120) a copy of Davies Gilbert's comments on Harry and Lucy, in the hand of Honora Edgeworth, c.1827

Note: See also MSS. Eng. misc. d. 1299; f. 860-861

(fols. 121-134) Helen (London, 1834), comprising:

(fols. 121-122) an account of hawking for vol. II, chap. i, in an unidentified hand, c.1831

(fol. 123) a draft, c.1831-1832, corresponding to vol. I, chap. i, p. 8, with notes on Ireland and India on the verso

(fols. 124-125) drafts, c.1831-1832, of vol. III, chap. iii, p. 70 and chap. xv, p. 322

(fols. 126-134a) draft of vol. III, chap. xiii, pp. 265-271, in the hand of Lucy Edgeworth, c.1832

(fol. 134b) copy by H.E. Butler of a lost outline of Helen, 20th cent.

Note: See Butler, pp. 458-64. See also MSS. Eng. misc. e. 1464, p. 12; f. 859-860.


  • Creation: 1795-1827


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MS. Eng. misc. c. 896


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