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Booklets and information sheets, 1990-2008 and n.d. [c.1990-late 2000s]

MS. Oxfam DEV/7/3/2

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  1. Folder 1: 1990-1993, comprising: 'Questioning Fundraising: Guidelines for school teachers and governors', produced by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam and Save the Children; 'Israel and Palestine'. A booklet for secondary teachers with case studies, other activities and resources, published by Oxfam Youth and Education Programme and the Refugee Council, n.d. [c.1990]; 'Fair play: How schools and youth groups can join in Oxfam's 50th anniversary', 1991; 'Food for Thought: Planning a primary topic on food and development' by Ange Grunsell, 1991; 'Our environment our future', 1991; 'Why are people hungry?' by Ange Grunsell, 1991; Oxfam leaflets for primary schools, 1991-1992, including 'Ethiopia', 'Water' and 'Famine'; 'The World in a Supermarket Bag: An activity on food for 7-11 year olds', 1992; 'A safe place?' leaflets for teachers and for children aged 8-13 focusing on the issues of refugees and conflict, and linked to Oxfam's Cold Front Appeal, 1993.
  2. Folder 2: 'Mapping Our World: A geography pack for 9-13-year-olds' by Bernie Ashmore, edited by Rose Derrick, 1993, and revised edition, edited by Rebecca Sudworth, 2000
Folder 3: 1995-1999, comprising:
  1. 'Teaching About Localities: A development education approach. A training resource for geography key stage 1 & 2', by Ali Brownlie, Oxfam Education Brighton, 1995
  2. 'Adding value to fundraising; guidelines for school teachers and governors, by Action Aid, Oxfam and others, n.d. [c.1996]
  3. 'Understanding...' series of six leaflets: 'Understanding Aid', 'Understanding the Environment', 'Understanding Hunger', 'Understanding Conflict', 'Understanding Oxfam' (two versions), n.d. [c.1997-1998]
  4. 'Leaflets for secondary teachers' series, linked to Oxfam campaigns: 'Food and Conflict' (linked to the 'Basic Rights' campaign, 'The Banana Trade' (linked to the Oxfam Fast 1998), 'Spilling the beans - the cocoa trade' (linked to 'On the Line' and 'Give it Up for Ghana' campaigns), n.d. [c.1997-1999]
  5. 'Introducing Mozambique, Blue Peter New Future Appeal', for children aged 7-13, 1998
  6. 'Sowing and Harvesting: Activities for 7 to 11 year olds, looking at food, farming and trade, edited by Rebecca Sudworth, 1998
Also comprises:

Folder 4: booklets, leaflets and information sheets relating to Global Citizenship, 1997-2008 and n.d. [late 1990s-mid-2000s], including information about Oxfam's Curriculum for Global Citizenship and 'Global Citizenship Guides' on 'Teaching Controversial Issues' (2006), 'Building Successful School Partnerships' (2007) and 'Getting started with Global Citizenship: A Guide for New Teachers' (2008)

Folder 5: booklets and information sheets relating to the On the Line project, 1999-2000 and n.d. [c.2000] including 'Put yourself on the line: A teacher's guide to active global citizenship', 1999, a Millennium edition of the 'Global Express' information sheet, 1999, 'The Great On the Line Link-Up Activity Worksheet', 2000 and 'Youth on the Line', produced by ActionAid

Folder 6: 2000-2005 and n.d. [c. mid-late 2000s], comprising:
  1. 'We work together. Can you? :A resource for those who are working with children and young people, and who are trying to contribute towards peace and understanding, both locally and globally', by the Interfaith Education Group (of which Oxfam was a member), n.d. [2000s]
  2. 'Broken Promises', looking at education for all, and linked to Oxfam's 'Education Now' campaign, 2000
  3. 'Crisis in Afghanistan - An Oxfam briefing for young people', 2001
  4. 'What is Oxfam?' information sheets for primary and secondary schools, n.d. [early 2000s]
  5. 'Iraq: War and Peace', for pupils aged 8 to 16, 2003
  6. 'Before you start raising money... An Oxfam [fundraising] Guide for Schools, n.d. [c. mid-late 2000s]
  7. 'Global Express: The rapid response information series for schools on world events in the news, Edition 39, January 2005'
  8. 'Think Global: Volunteer Pack', by Oxfam and READ (Recycling Education Allowing Development) International, n.d. [c. late 2000s]. Includes 'Quality Education' game.


  • 1990-2008 and n.d. [c.1990-late 2000s]


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MS. Oxfam DEV/7/3/2

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